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take me down to the farmwith him to ride horses. I remember how hard my grandfather worked, but he also liked to have fun when we were around. He played the lotto a lot, and he actually used to win quite a bit. I wish I inherited that luck. The man I am today has a lot to do with the good path my dad and grandfather set me on. My dad taught me that when I had a family of my own, it would be my job to take care of them. I couldn’t go off and be selfish when I had a wife and kids relying on me. And my grandfather showed me the importance of hard work and making time for your family. When it came time for me to start a family of my own, I knew I wanted to follow their examples.

When I started a family with Samantha, and our son, Jerome Adams III, came along, I knew I had a big responsibility. Being a father isn’t just a title — it’s a promise. I promised to be there for my wife and son when they need me and to take care of them however I could. This is a lesson I learned from the fathers who were there when I needed them: my father, Jerome Adams Sr., and my grandfather, Monroe Adams.

Dr. Adams’ Father

My dad worked a lot throughout my childhood. Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, my dad got into the police force at an early age. He worked in the force until he retired, and in addition to working overtime as a cop, he worked security jobs to help provide for our family. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my dad, but the time we did spend together was really special. Dad had this beautiful 1986 Buick Regal that he fixed up himself. He cleaned it up, put in a newmotor, and everything. I really loved when Dad would pick my sister and I up from school in that car and take us for a ride. My grandfather, originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, would take me on trips to see his parents who owned a farm that was far from any main street. They lived on a dirt road, completely unplugged, with no television in sight. In my youth, my grandfather would

Dr. Adams’ Grandfather

I spent many years as a mentor and father figure to young men in Flint’s Finest Basketball Club, and since having a son of my own and a new one on they way, I’ve felt even more responsibility to be a good role model. It’s a good feeling to have a child who’s happy to see you when you get home. I love being there for him, and I hope to teach him all the important lessons my father and grandfather taught me. Being a father is the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken, but I am fortunate to have known great men in my life to showme how it’s done.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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