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Personal care products: give your body the best

While many consumers pay close a ‚ en ঞ on to the food they put in their bodies, there has been a slower shi [ toward watching what they put on their bodies. If you want personal care products made with natural ingredients, buying them from an independent cosme ঞ c brand in your region is o [ en the way to go. PLENTY OF OPTIONS Whether handmade by ar ঞ sans or produced by small-scale businesses, there are locally made personal care products to suit all ages, skin types and cosme ঞ c needs. Here’s a sample of

• Bu ‚ ers and serums • Body, face and eye creams

Addi ঞ onally, many independent cosme ঞ c brands o ff er a range of vegan, organic and pa- raben-free products that are gentle on your skin and the environment. So the next ঞ me you’re browsing the aisles at your local pharmacy, be sure to ask the cos- me ঞ c counter clerk about the local brands they carry.

Unique fi nds from local ar ঞ sans

The next ঞ me you want to treat yourself or someone special, consider choosing an item made by a local ar ঞ san. Here are some ঞ ps to help you fi nd original, hand- cra [ ed products. WHAT TO LOOK FOR Ar ঞ sans work in a variety of di ff erent mediums including wood, glass, leather, ceramic, metal and tex ঞ les. The kinds of products that these materials become,

• Consignment shops. These stores sell a variety of products made by local ar ঞ sans, which means you can o [ en fi nd an interes ঞ ng assortment of goods and specialty items. • Cra [ fairs and markets. Events like these are a chance to meet local ar ঞ sans in person and learn more about their trade.

what you might fi nd in stores: • Micellar water and cleansers • Scrubs and exfoliants • Lip balms and face masks

So, why se ‚ le for mass- produced items when you can purchase one-of-a- kind products made with love? Shop for local ar ঞ sanal goods today.

however, is limited only by the ar ঞ san’s imagina ঞ on. Here’s just a sample: • Jewelry (bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings) • Clothes and accessories (hats, belts, handbags and shawls) • Decora ঞ ve art (pain ঞ ngs, sculptures, candles mobiles) • Homeware (furniture, quilts, ceramics and cutlery) WHERE TO SHOP and Ar ঞ sans tend to be resourceful individuals and they have mul ঞ ple ways of showcasing their products. Here are some of the places you can fi nd their wares: • Online. Most local artisans have an online shop you can order from. Alterna ঞ vely, they may sell their products through a digital marketplace like Etsy.

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