Travis Black - October 2018


asked me to help her out. I learned that the insurance company of the other person involved had really taken advantage of her. Even though she had life-threatening injuries, they took advantage of her and settled her case for $500! She passed away from her injuries before I could do anything about it. I remember just thinking, “That’s crazy. How could an insurance company do that to a person?” I realized that insurance companies aren’t there to help and to be fair; they are there to make money. So I decided to change my idea of becoming a district attorney, and instead, I’ve specialized in helping injured clients for over 25 years. I learned that when a person has been injured in an accident, they are often scared and hurt. They may not have medical insurance and may not know where they are going to get the medical treatment they need. They have no one to turn to for help. That’s what my firm offers: the help that people need to get through this terrible event. Working both as a police officer and with insurance companies has helped me a lot in my current profession. I was in law enforcement for 13 years, and it gave me the background that I continuously

rely on to this day. I use that knowledge all the time – I understand what’s going to happen step-by-step in automobile accident investigations, and I can interpret police reports without external help. In fact, I get calls weekly from other attorneys asking me to interpret police and accident reports! Working with insurance companies has provided me the knowledge of how they operate, which very few attorneys understand, and that helps me when I’m working on a difficult case. I can look at things from the other side and know how and what an insurance company is thinking. I reverse the roles and see where they’re coming from, and that helps me understand where I need to go. Everything I’ve done and learned has helped me reach this point in my life. Not only does it give me the understanding I need to be a personal injury lawyer, but it helps me do the best work I can for my clients.

-Travis Black


balance here. Sometimes you have to work on the weekends, and it’s not an 8–5 job, but if something important comes up, they’ll understand if you can’t come in.”

Through the six years she’s been here, Kelsey has worked side-by-side with Travis Black. She looks up to Travis as a mentor and fantastic attorney. “Travis has been doing this for years. He has so much experience under his belt with his unique background. With his background as a police officer and an insurance claims manager, he has so much to share. It’s been exceptional to work with him.” Working with Travis has had other positive effects, as well. “We balance each other out,” Kelsey explains. “I like to think of myself as the calm to his storm. Travis has a straightforward way of approaching a situation, which some clients really need. I like to approach things from a gentle perspective, which helps when clients need some additional help and guidance.” In her free time, Kelsey enjoys spending quality time with her husband. “We’re outdoorsy people — anything that gets us outdoors is something we enjoy.” Along with traveling to Lake Tahoe when ever they can, they travel to different countries. “I’d say our No. 1 hobby is traveling,” Kelsey says thoughtfully. “My husband and I have gone to seven different countries, and any chance we get, we’re off on another exploration.” So far, she’s been to Greece, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, and Italy. “My favorite country would have to be Italy because you get the food, wine, and beaches.”

Kelsey Depaoli is one of our amazing attorneys at Travis G Black & Associates. She’s been with us for over six years and will be with us for many to come. “It’s been really great working here,” Kelsey says. “It’s really been a unique experience.” The atmosphere we foster is a place where both our employees and our clients are comfortable. “We treat everyone like family here,” Kelsey says. “Everyone respects one another, and we’re all loyal to our firm and each other. The work environment is flexible and understanding, too. Everyone understands that people have a life outside of work — there’s a great work-life


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