CORE Safety Brochure

CORE Safety Group, as seen in ENR Magazine, is known as a premier nationwide training provider. Attendees will walk away with a true educational experience. As students watch the outcome of energized power tools being thrown into water; scaled scaffold; fall protection; rigging demonstrations; and more; our interactive courses are designed to keep students’ attention while they learn essentials for on-the-job safety.

Interactive Training: Our courses use intuitive polling software integrated within PowerPoint presentations to pose questions to attendees. Attendees use handheld keypads to respond and stimulate employee interaction. Results are instantly displayed and data is captured for future analysis and recordkeeping. Ever wonder what your employees truly learned during training? Our response system confirms retention of material by tracking individual responses and providing employers with a detailed report and demographic data of their employees’ performance.

“This was by far the best class I have taken. The instructor was superb. The class materials were excellent, as was the entire training program. I have one word for that electrical demonstration: AWESOME”. Aaron Liles - C1S Group Inc


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