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family structure whatever you want it to be! Give yourself permission to do that. Don’t restrict your idea of family to somebody else’s definition.

Our family is the people we choose. Sometimes that means mom and dad living in two separate homes. Sometimes it means two dads raising their children. Sometimes it’s mom and grandma coming together with aunts and uncles to make a family. If you ask a child what family means to them, they might tell you about their school family, or their mom or dad’s household. Whoever it’s composed of, it takes a complete village to raise children.

“But we can control our individual mindset and our impact on our parents, children, siblings, and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.”

Let’s let go of the outdated American dream comprising three kids, mom, dad, a cat, and a dog. It’s a different reality than most of us know. Instead of getting caught up in the label of what a traditional family looks like, envision what your family looks like. Start by actually picturing it, even if it’s not a reality yet. You might try a vision board to give yourself inspiration and have visual reminders of the life you want to lead. While they might sound a little silly, science tells us otherwise. Like Olympic athletes who envision themselves on the gold medal podium, envisioning your idea of family can make it a reality. My life’s purpose is to help families enjoy and appreciate their circumstances. Let’s be real — I get that a lot of the world isn’t “Pollyanna” happy. Every day, we’re bombarded by negative news. We can’t control what’s happening on a systemic level. But we can control our individual mindset and our impact on our parents, children, siblings, and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. I’m here to help you in the process. I want to give you a place to cultivate the life you desire. That’s why our monthly newsletter is back! I’m excited to share my perspectives as an attorney, mediator, and someone who has seen many unique examples of family. I’m here to help you find what works for you . Join me in rediscovering family and cultivating it together.

When I think about my family today, it’s different than I imagined it would be when I was a little girl. We’re spread across the United States. One of my daughters lives in Alaska and works as a traveling nurse. Her job calls her to go where she’s needed. One lives in Los Angeles, and my other daughter lives locally. Because of our locations, we won’t do traditional family gatherings. Instead, we make our own traditions. When we can’t be together, we find alternate ways to communicate, like Facetime. This month, we’ll enjoy time together after most people have had their celebrations. It’s all about creating our own definition of family. FAMILY IS WHAT WE MAKE IT

Until next month,

-Polly Tatum

For any family or individual who’s adapting to a new normal, it’s time to create fresh traditions. Just think, you have the freedom to make your

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