Biola in China

HERE IS THE WAY TO HELP BIOLA IN CHINA: Like our parent Institute, we are not endowed. We depend on the prayers and stewardship of our friends . And through the years we have been most grateful for the fine fellowship that has existed. EVANGELISTIC BANDS Each Band includes seven to nine trained evangelists and a leader. To sponsor a leader costs $300.00 per year, or $25.00 per month . The evange- 1 ists may be sponsored by a gift of half ยทthat_amount, or $150.00 per year. ORPHAN CARE Orphans are given shelter, clothing, food, training, medical care and all necessities. The present cost for a year's complete care of one of China 's little ones is approximately$ l 00 .00. STUDENT SPONSORSHIP Students are trained without any cost to them for .their tuition . At the present time (with some fluctuation) a Chinese student may be supported for approximately $ l 00.00 per year.

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