ST/ST - Sustainability Report 2023 - EN

Minimising our environmental footprint

Minimising our environmental footprint

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint at each stage of our value chain in 2022 (in %)

In 2023, we are setting up a decarbonisation strategy to reduce and compensate our carbon emissions across our entire value chain. As a baseline, we will use our 2022 carbon footprint, which has been measured for the second consecutive year across our entire value chain. Our carbon footprint is calculated according to the standards of the leading GHG Protocol accounting standard and the Bilan Carbone methods. Despite a double-digit increase in sales and production, the total carbon emissions for 2022 amounted to 94,332 tCO 2 e, which is about 4% higher than the year before. This proportionally lower increase in emissions compared to the increase in sales is due to several factors, including: improvements by certain partners in our supply chain, fewer raw materials purchased in 2022, and a different production mix. Better availability of primary data up to our tier 3 suppliers has also contributed positively, with these suppliers clearly performing better than industry averages.

The chart below illustrates our carbon footprint at each stage of our value chain. In 2022, scope 1 and 2 emissions* remained below 1% of the total. Our decarbonisation strategy will therefore require close collaboration with all the partners across our value chain.


Fibre manufacturing




Yarn manufacturing


Fabric manufacturing


Garment manufacturing

94,332 tCO 2 e


Transport & warehousing

Today, we estimate that


Dealer activity

the carbon footprint ​ of our iconic t-shirts is about 3 times lower than the carbon footprint of a conventional cotton ​ t-shirt.


End-customer use




Stanley/Stella HQ activity

* Scope 1 covers direct emissions from our owned or controlled sources. Scope 2 covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling we use. Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions from across our value chain.



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