Power PT - June 2020

June 2020


I graduated high school in the early 1990s before Facebook and email connected us all together in ways we could never have predicted back then. Sometimes I get a little sad thinking about all the friends I lost track of after high school, but it was a different time. Within these past years, technology has developed, and today my kids live with very different opportunities. This past spring, they joined thousands of kids online to attend school after COVID-19 effectively shut down our world. In late March, the school our two older boys attend announced that the district was transitioning to online schooling, and the boys enjoyed a long spring break of sorts while they waited for school to resume again. Our youngest, who attends a private school, surely felt a little jealous as he attended online school while his brothers enjoyed a few weeks off. His school was set up online in a matter of days! (He got his redemption, though, when his school went on break while the two older boys’ schooling started back up.) I feel really fortunate that our eldest son is graduating from high school in 2021 instead of 2020. I really feel for the kids who are missing their final year of eligibility in their spring sports and those who may even miss their prom and graduation. Our boys are pretty bummed their seasons ended short, but they understand that there’s always next year. For some high school athletes, this is how their high school athletic and academic career will end, and we really empathize with them. It’s heartbreaking. I may have been ready to leave high school by graduation, but it was still a great feeling to walk across that stage after so many years of work. These past few months certainly have not been easy, but my family and I have been trying to focus on what we’re gaining rather than what’s been lost. The boys attending our makeshift digital school at home meant we had an early summer, and by August, we will have had five months of “summer” together. It hasn’t come without its challenges

so far, but I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time together and explore new hobbies. We have been able to use our time together to really grow. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how wonderfully my wife rolled with the punches this spring and adjusted to early summer with all three of our boys at home sooner than normal. Meanwhile, I still went into the office on an interim basis to help patients in need of care and healing. It was a lot quieter around the Power Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine office without all our staff and regular patient load, but we have continued to offer care the best we can as we wait for the lockdown to be lifted. In the end, it wasn’t the spring anyone predicted. We thought our evenings would be filled with track and field and baseball games, but instead, we found ourselves at home, making plenty of new, strange memories we’ll all surely remember for years to come.

I hope you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy. Congratulations to the entire class of 2020!

–Mark Nowlin • 1 (714) 557-2100

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