S t o r y b o a r d i n g a n d a n i m a t i c The initial challenge of creating a presentation is to come up with a story which communicates your proposal with clarity, and conveys a sense of your professionalism and spirit. We would start by meeting with the project team to identify the key points which need to be communicated and developing a storyboard around these which persuasively tells the story of your approach. By bringing together sketches and audio and playing them sequentially along a timeline, we can quickly give the team an idea of our thoughts on content and style, and create a dialogue to refine those ideas in order to begin the process of producing the presentation. The following is an example of an animatic created for the Oxford Brookes Film and shows our initial ideas on style and content which were first agreed with the University before being developed further in the film. T he following is our response to the presentation material produced for your Gaydon JLR proposal and our own ideas of how we would approach a similar project. We have previous experience of working on JLR projects having produced the CGIs for numerous projects in collabroation with Ridge and Partners.

O u r t h o u g h t s a n d i d e a s Below are our initial thoughts on how we would approach a presentation like JLR Gaydon I n t r o / L o g o s We would suggest animating the buildup of the logos in the intro sequence. It is important that your logo and those of your collaborators look professional and polished as they convey your firm’s values. T a l k i n g H e a d s We like the idea of involving key figures from Sir Robert McAlpine in the presentation. However, we do feel that Hector McAlpine, in this instance, could be filmed in a much more engaging way: - • with the use of more interesting camera angles and crops • filming him in more flattering studio lighting or natural light • Instead of using greenscreen and moving backdrops, we would suggest filming Hector in a real workplace - an office or other environment with people working in the background (soft focused to avoid distraction) • rather than reading from a script we would suggest a more natural conversational delivery - to achieve this we would film Hector as if talking to someone standing next to the cameraman as this tends to be more engaging and natural • We would suggest Hector appears in only the beginning and end segments. For the main part of the film, he would be in voiceover with CGIs and other video providing the visual content. Another approach might be to have the voiceover segment provided by a professional voiceover artist, giving the presentation a change in tone and pace and a professional edge.

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