A n n o t a t i o n In a similar way to the Brookes presentation we created, we would suggest picking out important points from Hector’s narration visually by animating key phrases across the screen as he says them. A u d i o We would suggest an audio track be added to the whole presentation to make it flow better. If the right track is chosen this can have a big impact on the energy, pace and feel of the whole An important part of the presentation is clearly describing the qualities of the team who will run the project, in this case led by Paul Walker. At this point in the presentation it would be great to cut to film of Paul and his team collaborating, chatting, and at work. It may even make sense to have Paul contribute to the presentation in some way in a talking head segment. K e y v i s u a l s A key to making the presentation engaging is the visuals from which it is constructed and the way they are used. If existing CGIs are supplied, we would request the original photoshop files as these are constructed from many different layers - for instance the people appearing in the CGIs can often be hidden and displayed separately from the main scene, giving us the possibility of animating them in an engaging way. We can also overlay information onto existing images and CGIs to emphasise important points in the presentation, another way of generating visually engaging material quickly and easily. presentation. T h e t e a m

V i d e o f o o t a g e Alot is made of the company’s heritage and it would be great to back this up visually in the presentation. We would suggest integrating film of impressive past projects relevant to the current tender as well as those of which the company is especially proud, both contemporary and historic. Also footage of key projects under construction - shots showing a hive of activity with Sir Robert McAlipne livery on cranes, vehicles etc in the foreground or background. We can shoot these but would also be able to make use of any existing video assets you may have. U s e o f e x i s t i n g a s s e t s BIM is becoming more and more an integral part of the design and construction process and offers opportunities of creating engaging content for use within the presentation at relatively low cost. For instance, spinning around a wireframe BIM model would be simple but highly effective at speaking about technical prowess within the presentation. O v e r a l l p a c e The pace of the existing presentation is too slow. We would suggest reducing the overall length by at least 30%. It should still be possible to deliver the same information but in a pacier more lively way. This should also help with ensuring the available content is more than sufficient to provide visual interest and isn’t overstretched. 4D animation sequence We would collaborate with the sequence’s creator to ensure a visually consistent style between the construction sequence animation and the main film and to ensure that it can then be edited in a visually interesting way. We could for instance make use of camera movement and changing depth of field to change the area of focus.

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