Campbell Wealth Management - July 2019

One Phone Call Can Change a Life An Unforgettable Client Experience — And a New Program Just for You

One of our long-time clients passed away recently. In fact, she was one of our very first clients, who came to us in 2004. It really hit me after I received the phone call that she passed away. I remember when she first called us: She had just lost her husband, and he had handled all the finances for the decades they had been together. She had never been involved with paying the bills or managing their checking account and didn’t know how their money was invested. Before she called us, she spoke to a close friend about what to do next. Her friend was already one of our clients (and another one of our earliest clients). Her friend recommended us, and it wasn’t long until we had our first meeting set up. As we spoke on the phone, I asked her to bring in everything she had: financial documents, bills, statements, you name it. When she first walked into our office, I clearly remember her pulling along a small luggage cart stacked with paperwork. She had brought everything! Together, we sat in our largest conference room and spread everything out on the big table. Over the next three hours, we went over every single document. We organized every piece of paper and made a comprehensive inventory. And with that, we were able to put together a detailed retirement plan. It was the first time since before her husband passed that she felt she had sure footing. From that day forward, she understood where her income was coming from, what her expenses where, and what she needed to do to have a successful, worry-free retirement. She continued to rely on us for every financial decision she made. We heard from her often, and she told

us she was grateful to have found us. It was a great relationship; we even started working with her family. We’ll miss her phone calls, whether they were to talk about a financial decision or to chat about life in general. I believe fate brought us together. Fifteen years ago, she was lost, and we guided her to a successful retirement. If she had never made the call to our office, we would have never met, and she would have led a different life. It’s those first phone calls that make all the difference. You may know someone who feels lost or uncertain about their financial future, and they may have questions or want a second opinion about a financial decision. Or they may be going through a major life event, such as the death of a spouse, preparing to collect Social Security, or retirement. Whatever it may be, if they need guidance, we’re here for them— just like we are here for you. As I often say, if they are important to you, they are important to us. And to show our thanks for our clients who refer family or friends, I want to introduce you to our new Ambassador Program. This program is all about recognizing clients who bring people they care about into the CWM family. When you refer someone, you will receive a unique gratitude kit filled with gifts handpicked by our team, like coffee, movie tickets, and so much more. You also gain special access to events, including events that are exclusive to our Ambassadors. It’s just our way of saying thank you. If you haven’t received it already, be on the lookout for a letter or email detailing the Ambassador Program. It will have everything you need to know about helping your friends make the connection with CWM!

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