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Does life ever feel like one large pain in the back? Back pain is difficult to deal with on a daily basis, yet for so many people, this is a total reality. By certain estimates, as many as 85 percent of adults in the United States struggle with back pain at some

point in their lives. (Continued inside)



INSIDE: Is It Back Pain Or Sciatica? Understanding Back Pain How Can You Tell The Difference Between Back Pain & Sciatica Pain?


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IS IT BACK PAIN OR SCIATICA? (continued from outside)

OurPT,Dr.Karl Rush,performing aShoulder Mobilization.

The most common type of back pain experienced is in the lower back, and it can happen for any variety of reasons. Being in a car accident can cause you to experience lingering back pain for years after the accident. Accidents at workcan leadtosimilarconsequences. Butsometimes thecauseofyourback pain isn’tasstraightforward.Backpain can also develop for any number of common reasons — things that you doeverydaywithoutthinkingtwice.An olddeskchairthatdoesn’tprovidemuch lumbar support can take its toll over time, as can wearing shoes that don’t have much support, or even gaining weight,particularlyaroundthestomach area. Too many people consider back pain a normal experience of their lives and

don’t immediately seek support that couldmakethepainan issueofthepast. Working with a physical therapist is, handsdown,thebestthingthatyoucan do when you are looking to overcome back pain. A physical therapist can identify the cause of the back pain and presentyouwithhelpfulstrategiesthat can strengthen your back and reduce the severity of your pain. Physical therapy for back pain often includes a combination of targeted massage, flexibility and range of motion training, musclebuilding,andtargetedstretching techniques. Using these strategies in combination with anti-inflammatory medication, as recommended by your physician, isoftenconsideredthemost- efficientapproachtohandlingbackpain and is recommended by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dr. Karl Rush explaining Forward Head Posture and how to correct it.


(continued inside)

“During my first visit I was scheduled to spend 30 minutes each with the therapist and an assistant (to assist with exercises), but my therapist spent the entire hour on an evaluation and some initial therapy, as well as to discuss the treatment plan and answer all of my questions and concerns. That alone told me everything I needed to know about their patient focus (which hasn’t changed at all during subsequent visits). Highly recommended!” — M.W. Patient Reviews 838 Scarsdale Avenue Scarsdale, New York 10583 914-722-9200 635 Commerce Street Thornwood, New York 10594 914-579-2722 BIRD DOG 4-POINT ARM & LEG RAISE Begin by placing your knees and hands on the floor, with your hips and shoulders at a 90° angle. While keeping stable and engaging your core muscles, lift one arm and an opposite leg straight out toward the horizon, with your thumb pointed to the ceiling. Place both arm and leg back down to starting position. Perform 10 rep- etitions and then repeat this exercise with the opposite arm and leg. To build stability, this exercise can first be performed using only the arm or leg, and the opposing arm or leg can be added once ready for progression. Strengthens Back Muscles



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Exercises copyright of Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.



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Being educated about your back pain can help you make the right choices to overcome it as quickly as possible. One of the biggest problems with back pain is that it lingers. This leads many people to deal with back pain for years on end without seemingly any end in sight. Whilethere isbackpainthatdevelopsasaresultofstrainorsprain,there isalso somethingcalled lowbackdegenerativediscdisease,whichhappenswhenthe discs in your spine weaken. This frequently develops as a result of repetitive back injury and can also develop as a result of age. With degenerative disc disease,thespacebetweenthediscsbeginstocollapseandbecomeunstable and will cause back pain to develop. When you work with a physical therapist to overcome back pain as a result of degenerative disc disease, your physical therapist will begin by strengthening core muscle groups, which includes the abdominal wall, and will provide you with targeted massage and stretching techniques to alleviate pain. While some back pain is easy to identify as pain, such as is the case with degenerative disc disease, there are other situations in which the painmay be a bit more complicated to understand. One of themost common back issues experienced in the United States is sciatica pain, and this sort of pain is often a lot more difficult to identify — especially by those who aren’t familiar with the problem.

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How Can You Tell The Difference BETWEEN BACK PAIN & SCIATICA PAIN?

Our Specialties • There is a sharp pain that occurs at times, making itsometimesdifficulttostandorwalk • The pain is radiating, shooting down the leg and sometimes even into the feet and toes Theansweristhatsciaticapainischaracterized by the following factors: • Constant pain is only present in one side of the buttocks or leg •Thepainbecomesworsewhenyouaresitting • The leg pain develops more as a burning, tingling or searing sensation, and not as a plain ache

Sciatica pain develops in the nerves that connectthe lowerbacktothe legs,andsowhile thepain itself isgeneratedfromtheback,a lotof time,theexperienceofthepain ismore largely associated with the upper legs. What’s more, sciatica pain doesn’t always develop like pain in the traditional sense. Sciatica pain instead causes a buildup of tingling, numbness and weakness inthe lowerbackandupper legs,and thepain isn’tconsistenteither.Thesensationwill typically run through the leg in waves, causing discomfort at seemingly unpredictable times.

If you are experiencing back pain and you haven’t talked to amedical professional about theconcern,thennow isthetimetotakeaction. Working with a physical therapist can cut your time struggling with back pain literally in half. For more information about overcoming back pain, contact us. Source: https://www.spine-health.com/ conditions/sciatica/what-you-need-know-about- sciatica

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