Carbon Neutral Lookbook


Thoughtfully designed. Sustainably made. Purpose-built.

Combining calcium carbonate with resin and adding heat and pressure, Karst turns dust into paper - 100% tree-free. Impervious to liquid and infinitely stronger than traditional paper. This stone paper is Cradle to Cradle® certified; therefore, it is recyclable! As a Certifed B Corp, Karst is committed to carbon neutrality and supports partners like One Tree Planted to help their initiative. This stone paper isn’t mined from the earth but is made of recycled marble and limestone destined for the landfill. “Our team is passionate about inspiring others to do more and create more, but not at the expense of the planet. To us, it’s important to remember that every single thing we do is has an impact on someone or something. For us at Karst, this includes the carbon emissions involved in delivery, production, and even the elevator we ride at the office. But don’t worry, we prefer to take the stairs.” - Karst

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