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How We Say Thank You

O nce a month, Alison and I volunteer at the Cornerstone Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen in Vernon. On the third Sunday of the month, we go up and cook breakfast for around 100 people who might not be able to eat a hot meal otherwise. This is one way we try to give back to our community and make the hole we leave in the universe a little bigger. The concept of a hole in the universe is something I picked up a long time ago. The idea is that the hole through which you give to others is the same hole through which you receive. If you give only a pinprick, then a pinprick is what you receive in return. But if the hole you create is a floodgate of generosity, then your life will be blessed with a flood of goodness in return. The point of our hole in the universe isn’t to demand equal return for our efforts, but to know that when we are kind and generous to others, we will enjoy a world filled with more goodness. As a small business, October Kitchen regularly receives requests for donations to local fundraisers, charity events and sponsorships. No matter what time of year it is, we are always happy to say yes. Back in September, we donated a turkey dinner to the Manchester High School Football Booster Club. A week later, we were making recovery muffins for a local church’s 5K race. We’ve had the privilege of working with Boy Scout troops, theater clubs, charities that serve the blind and other amazing organizations in our community. It is

important for us to give back to the community that has supported us however we can. I consider that part of our corporate responsibility — and the best way for me and October Kitchen to really show our thanks and gratitude. As we enter the season of giving, I am reflecting more on the importance of giving back. The way I see it, giving back where you can — widening your hole in the universe as much as possible — is how we truly say thank you for what we have in life. And I believe the goodness that comes to us in return is, in a sense, God responding to our thanks. I always struggled with the concept of the Heavenly Host in the prayer book until I really thought about it. What do we do when hosting a party? We break out our best china, clean the house and make sure we have everything our guests could desire. God is the same way for us. He is the host of this party we call life and He has prepared a feast for us with all the best things He could offer. What do grateful guests say when having enjoyed such a wonderful party? They say, “Thank you.” And what is the Host’s reply? “You are welcome!” As we offer our thanksgivings and gratitude this season, let us always recall, Our Heavenly Host’s answer is “You are welcome!”

“No matter what time of year it is, we are always

happy to say yes.”



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