Do You Want Relief For Your Nagging Arthritis Pain?

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A lot of patients come in to physical therapy and tell us they have arthritis. One of the most common areas where arthritis can occur is in the hip. What is arthritis? Arthritis involves the inflammation of a joint in the body. This inflammation causes a breakdown of the cartilage in the joint. Cartilage is a material that covers the surface of a joint and allows for easy movement of the joint. When it breaks down, bone comes in contact with bone, and causes friction of the joint, leading to the inflammation and resulting pain! This process usually takes several years and develops as we age. When someone comes in to see us with hip arthritis, they usually complain of pain in the groin, thigh, buttocks, or knee. The pain can come and go, but can be sharp. These patients complain of stiffness, especially in the morning, or after being in a position for a long period of time. This stiffness tends to improve with some movement. When the arthritis progresses, the pain will limit the person’s daily activities such as walking, squatting, driving, and even sitting. They may have to rely on a cane or walker.

What are some helpful tips if you have hip arthritis? 1. Gently increase activity levels to prevent increased hip pain, but to initiate movement to lubricate joints. 2. Swimming is a great low impact activity that helps you start moving if you cannot tolerate land exercises. Warm indoor pools are great for arthritis and the water provides buoyancy, which takes the extra weight off of the joints so they can move easier with less pain. 3. When able, perform leg strengthening exercises to provide stability to the joint and reduce pain.

4. Manage your weight if you are overweight. Extra weight on joints causes excess stress, which leads to increased pain. So how can physical therapy help??? Physical therapists are trained professionals that deal with ailments of the body. Severe arthritis may require a hip replacement, but physical therapy is a conservative treatment that can be done when symptoms first start and the arthritis isn’t severe enough to warrant surgery. Therapists can prescribe exercises that stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, and provide hands- on care to decrease pain. All of these will help decrease pain and allow you to return to the activities you love!

Now is The Time For Resolutions

• Decrease sugar intake and increase water intake • Take the first family vacation with our kids • Drink more water consistently • Get healthy and be more active • Make exercise a part of my lifestyle • Improve my personal time management

It’s that time of year when the gyms are packed; Facebook feeds are flooded with New Year’s resolutions; and the organic foods section is probably a little more picked over than normal. It’s a new year, which means you might have already made, or you are in the process of making, some NewYear’s resolutions to help kick off 2017 on a safe and healthy note. What are your goals for 2017? Here’s a look at some of the goals the LSTC family is working on this year: • Decrease stress while driving by implementing mindfulness and breathing exercises on my commute to work

• Practice yoga regularly • Be able to do 5 pull-ups

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