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THANK YOU, 2018!

The Year in Review

2018 has been an incredible year for us at the Law Offices of Paul Levin. We’ve been through some hard battles and seen some amazing success, providing us with invaluable perspective and experience. One of the biggest ways we aim to parlay our experience into knowledge is through the book we published this year. “Life-Altering Personal Injury Cases in Connecticut: Your Legal Roadmap” is a significant accomplishment for the firm because of the way it can help people. It provides a roadmap for those who experience trauma in their lives and need guidance and direction. Anytime you can empower clients through information, you’re going to provide a more comprehensive experience for them, and that’s precisely what we try to do as a team and as legal advocates. “WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON BEING KNOWLEDGEABLE LAWYERS WHO HELP THOSE IN NEED, BUT WE DON’T WANT OUR RELATIONSHIP TO BE CENTERED ON JUST A TOUGH TIME IN YOUR LIFE. IT’S IMPORTANT TO BRING VALUE TO YOU BEYOND WHAT WE DO IN A COURTROOM.” Our firm has seen substantial growth that displays itself in many unique ways, especially with our staff. When we were looking for ways to better serve our clients in their worker’s compensation claims, knowing where to turn was easy. Attorney Larry Brick is fantastic in all aspects of his field and has a breadth of experience that’s hard to find. The Law Buildings are happy to welcome someone who is competent and has workers’ compensation experience beyond reproach. In the same way, Sonya is irreplaceable in her service to our firm. With the ambition of Micah and Kyle, we are not bound by limitations, but rather flourishing with opportunity. While our attorneys are committed to aggressive representation, we all know a major part of what keeps them going. He’s everyone’s favorite part of the newsletter! That’s right — we can’t mention the team without bringing up Jack. Jack has been able to make a difference in so many lives this year. His work with Healers with Halos Therapy Dogs provides so much joy to our communities and helps many individuals who need the comfort only a dog can bring. From St. Bernard School to his time at the VA hospital

and many other venues, our unofficial mascot has been able to magnify brightness in the world. Everyone on the team contributes to Jack’s unique success in the community — everyone helps make it possible for Jack and Kelly to be out and volunteer. It’s a team effort, and while we love having Jack around for our own enjoyment, being able to share him with everyone (including all of you!) involves commitment on everyone’s part. Over this past year, we’ve covered a lot of topics ranging from lighthearted — like how the Hartford Yard Goats received their name — to gritty, like how crumbling foundations are forcing families out of their homes. At the center of these stories is you, our friends and clients. We pride ourselves on being experienced and skilled lawyers who help those in need, but we don’t want our relationship to be centered on just a tough time in your life. It’s important to bring value to you beyond what we do in a courtroom. For example, if you read June’s edition, you know that you can still get a DUI in a self-driving car. Any firm can provide a service to you, but as we mentioned in February’s edition, it’s not a commodity for us. We’ve seen success this year, fighting tooth and nail through difficult cases. Our clients need a voice to fight for them, which is why we do what we do. We love the State of Connecticut and the diversity of our people. When the good members of our community are harmed, someone needs to step up to help. Our mission is to fight for the rights and safety of our clients through competent and aggressive legal representation, and in 2018, we’ve done that — from high-profile cases to helping individuals find a traffic ticket lawyer. From all of us at The Law Offices of Paul Levin, we want to thank our clients, colleagues, friends, and families. Without your trust in our abilities and recognition of our passion, we would not be able to fulfill our desire to help make our community a better place to live and to help the people we represent through difficult and trying times. I hope everyone enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season. Here’s to another great year in 2019! –The Law Offices of Paul Levin

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