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Explore Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels And Enhance Your Child’s Learning

face. To kids, it’s just an interesting video, but in reality, they’re getting a deeper understanding of the world they live in. Give it a try at

Every family has their own approach when it comes to their children watching online content. The vast world of videos and channels in the media can be dicey. When media is used thoughtfully and appropriately, though, it can enhance your child’s learning experience. Here are four great YouTube channels for your kids, or even your whole family, to watch. DODO KIDS After years of parents telling The Dodo they loved watching their videos with the whole family, Dodo Kids was created. This channel is great for kids who have an interest in or passion for animals and enjoy watching cute, heartwarming animal videos. This channel features kid hosts, funny voice-overs, and colorful graphics to make stories fun and engaging. Check out the cuteness at PBS KIDS This channel is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children through their curriculum-based media. A large inventory of educational videos feeds your child’s curiosity about science, the world, or even emotional challenges they may

NETFLIX JR. In 2022, Netflix will launch Netflix Jr., where kids can watch feature characters from their favorite shows, like “StoryBots” or “Super Monsters.” Children can learn and sing along with engaging content like the “ABC Jamboree” or educational videos like “What Makes an Airplane Fly?” See all the fun at CRASH COURSE KIDS From the producers of Crash Course, this new channel for kids highlights grade school science. They focus on the Earth, habitats, space, chemical reactions, engineering, and much more. Many teachers and homeschool parents use Crash Course in their classrooms because it’s full of engaging topics and enhances the learning experience visually versus reading from a textbook. Discover what you can learn at YouTube can be a great outlet for children to learn and engage their creativity. They can discover new interests, learn from diverse perspectives, and even enjoy a greater sense of community. Who knows? You might even learn something along the way!



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