King's Business - 1946-01

TODAY'S WORLD desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Biola trained young men and women are equipped for this important task. For nearly forty years the Bible Institute of Los Angeles has been pre­

aring the youth of our land for service for Christ. "Biola" graduates are found where- ver the gospel is preached. Souls are being reached in an ever increasing number. And ith one accord, these men and women from iola thank God for the training received here.

The need for evangelism is greater today than at any time in the world’s history. Gqd is giving His people one more chance to take the message of redeeming love to the lost. Doors are opening, oppor­ tunities are multiplying, nations are inviting the proclamation of the Word. We must go on—we must bend every effort—we must attract and train dedicated young people for the whitened fields.

“ Biola” has heard the call, and, by God ’s grace, intends to answer it. Thorough Christian training has always been provided without cost to the students at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, for tu­ ition is covered by the free-will offerings of the people of God. But today’s emergency is greater, too. e are asking God to raise up for us stewards who can visualize the need and will gladly respond to it. Perhaps God would have you share in this, the greatest task in all the world. EMI 5 5 8 S. HOPE ST., LOS ANGELES l” , CALIFORN IA Gentlemen: Please send me the (older on "personal sponsor ship” ol students. Name Address You may assist in the ministry of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles by cash gifts, by bequests in your will, or by having part in our plan of “ personal sponsorship” for individual students. The cost of tuition for a student for one year is approximately $125.00. You are invited to write for furthei

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