Fitness Together Mooresville August Edition


How the Worst Thing Ever Turned Into the Best Opportunity

“Everything fell into place, and what I thought had been a disaster turned out to be an important turning point in my life.”

Bending my knees was beyond painful, jumping hurt, and landing was like a torture treatment. Every time I landed, I felt a sharp knife-like pain in both my knees. I could not go on like this as an athlete, and I could not enjoy a normal, active life if I didn’t find a solution to my knee problems. Getting better consumed me. I have always loved to play sports, be active, and be outside. This was something I needed help with. I had felt the physical pain of my knees, and now the emotional pain of knowing that I could not do the thing I had wanted to do my whole life was a heavy blow. Not until I found a movement expert was I able to learn how to improve my situation. I found myself two hours south of my house in Del Mar, California, sitting in front of Pete Egoscue, the founder of the Egoscue Method. He looked at my body position, and he began to explain, after taking posture photos of me, why my knees were bothering me. Within three months of doing posture and passive and active functional movements, my pain was gone. I eventually had the ability to return to volleyball, but once I felt better, I wanted to encourage other people to move and feel better, too. I decided to intern under Pete and went on to work for him for five years. The process happened to tie into the degree I was already pursuing in kinesiology. Everything fell into place, and what I thought had been a disaster turned out to be an important turning point in my life. cover continued on p.2 ...

THIS DECEMBER WILL MARK Fitness Together’s 10th anniversary in Mooresville. As Fitness Together’s 10th anniversary in Mooresville. As we get closer to the date, I look back and feel amazed at what we’ve accomplished. Back in college, I never would have pictured myself here. To be honest, back in college, I never pictured myself doing anything except playing beach volleyball. Volleyball doesn’t get much recognition in North Carolina, but back in California, where I grew up, it’s a highly competitive sport. Along with soccer and basketball, I played volleyball all through high school. In my senior year, we were national champions, and I entered San Diego State University with plans to become a professional beach volleyball player. If you’ve ever been dedicated to a sport, you can probably relate to my horror when I began to develop chronic knee pain. I reached a point where it was so unbearable, I couldn’t even bend my legs. For an athlete, losing your ability to play feels like the worst thing that can happen to you. My dream to play professional volleyball evolved into “I just want to be healthy.” I was so committed to learning how to get healthy that I decided, if I could find a way to get myself better, I would use that knowledge to help others. At the end of the day, more important than playing professional sports was that I wanted to be able to move, play, and be active for the rest of my life. This knee pain I had was so severe that I could hardly walk down stairs. | 704.658.1522

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