$100 million Island plan

preparation of the development strategy

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which is expected to be finalized by the


middle of 2013.

Joint effort

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A $100 million plan to build homes on

Any economic development will benefit

Hawkesbury’s vacant Hamilton Island

Hawkesbury and the neighbouring

has been resurrected.

municipalities of East Hawkesbury and

The proposal, which was first

Champlain, said Berthiaume.

submitted to the town six years ago, is

Discussions about the possible creation

being discussed again as part of the

of a joint Hawkesbury-Champlain

municipality’s long-term economic

industrial park are continuing. While

development strategy.

Hawkesbury has little land, Champlain

“A developer had presented a proposal


in 2006 to invest $97 million to build a

out. Since the departure of Marc Chénier

3 999 $ + TAXES

bridge to the site and develop the island.

Taux spécial de financement disponible S.A.C.

from his economic development director’s

But the plan fell through,” says Mayor


René Berthiaume. “The project would

in on an interim basis. A search for a

include residences, including condos, that

permanent successor will begin when a

would be constructed in harmony with

human resources evaluation is completed,

nature.” A park and a cycling path are also

at the end of April or early May. In an effort

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part of the plans.

to facilitate the establishment of new

The venture is still preliminary.

businesses, the mayor suggests the

“The people will be consulted on what

formation of “Team Hawkesbury,”

5024 County Rd. 17, Alfred, Ontario

they want to be done with the island,”

consisting of himself, administrator

stresses the mayor.

Normand Beaulieu and a representative of

Tondeuse 61” 6 450 $ + TAXES

Over the years, several potential uses

the industrial investment association. “This

for the island have been floated. A casino

would help avoid some of the frustration I

and a campus for La Cité collégiale have

have seen in both of my posts,” said

been among the suggestions.

Berthiaume. “Team Hawkesbury would

Tondeuse IS 500Z à rayon de braquage zéro. Moteur Briggs & Stantton de 24 à 27 c.v. Moulin de 44, 52 et 61” disponibles. Jusqu’à 4 acres de coupe à l’heure. Avec la suspension brevetée de Ferris, vous couperez plus en moins de temps.

However, until now, the lack of a bridge

provide better customer service. When

has been a major obstacle to putting any

investors approach the town, we would be

permanent buildings on the site.

able to help them through the process, right

Berthiaume is confident that the plan

up to the point where they apply for a

will have appeal.

construction permit.”

“What we have that a city cannot offer

Duty-free zone

is nature. We have an island a short

Plans are under way to declare a duty-

distance from our downtown area,” he

free zone in town, a designation that would

Taux spécial de financement disponible S.A.C.

notes. Berthiaume spoke of the island

help attract foreign investors. Businesses

project during an address at the

in such zones are not charged import duty

Hawkesbury Industrial Investment

on their products they import and process.

Association’s annual meeting.

Duty tax is imposed once these products

Some 48 people are participating in the

are sold in the domestic market.

nature de bien vous


C’est dans notre

nature to better

serve you

It’s our

Résidence pour aînés Residence for senior citizens.

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