November 2015

RECALL ELECTION A meeting of the members will be held on Monday, December 14 at the La Palma Clubhouse to open and tabulate the votes for removal of B RIAN C ANFIELD , M ARYELLEN M UIR , B ARRY S TILWELL and T ED W ILSON from the Board of Directors. The meeting will be called to order at 10:30AM and immediately recessed for counting of the ballots. Counting of the ballots will be conducted by The Inspectors of Election, LLC (TIE) in the East Room. Owners are welcome to observe the process. The Members Meeting will resume at 1PM and TIE will announce the election results. The Board will proceed to consider its regular meeting agenda, which will be posted four days prior to the meeting.

Ballots for the Recall Election will be in the mail by no later than Tuesday, November 10, 2015. There will be no on-site ballot box for this election. Your ballot must be mailed (don’t forget to affix postage) and received by The Inspectors of Elections by 5PM, Thursday, December 10 . PLEASE ALLOW ADEQUATE TRANSIT TIME. If your ballot is not received by the deadline, it won’t be counted. See S USAN in the Board Room for a replacement ballot which will be issued upon execution of an affidavit that you either lost, destroyed or did not receive the first Ballot.

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