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The Shark Tooth delivered adequate power, despite being mounted on a mid size Komatsu excavator. “It was all green so it took some effort,” Cushnie says. “Once it dries out, you just tap it and it splits.” Much of the smaller debris was loaded into the Crambo with a standard bucket. The Shark Tooth was required for splitting stumps and logs over six feet. Chainsaws were used to get the largest pieces down to that size. Most competing attachments that Cushnie looked at required thumbs to be unpinned, which would have reduced productivity. The Shark Tooth’s can attach to a quick coupler and works in conjunction with an existing thumb. This allowed Cushnie to split and load the Crambo in one continuous process. The debris was ultimately processed into mulch and given to a local coffee farm and landscaper. No one can accurately predict whether Kauai will see a storm of this magnitude but one thing is sure: Cushnie will be prepared with the right equipment. About Ransome Attachments Ransome Attachments of Lumberton, N.J., supplies durable, cost- effective, multi-functional attachments to the forestry, landscaping, recycling, municipal, demolition, and general construction markets. Its diverse mix of attachments – including wood splitters, screening buckets, grapples, concrete pulverizers, post drivers – fit both compact and heavy equipment. Visit ransomeattach.com to make a connection.

Dropping a log without a flat edge into the Crambo Shredder would be like running on a log in the water, according to Cushnie.” If you put one of those six-foot logs in the hopper it would roll around for an hour in your shredder,” he says. “If you halve or quarter it, it’s got that straight edge so the Crambo can bite into it and start shredding.” The majority of the wood came from albizia, a tree that has been deemed an invasive species in Hawaii. The wood was a bit softer and stringier, but splitting it was still challenging because the trees were still green since they had just been uprooted. The Ransome Shark Tooth Stump Splitter/Harvester was mounted on a mid-size excavator to size down logs and stumps for processing by the Crambo 6000 Dual- Shaft Shredder.

October 19 – November 6, 2020

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