C+S July 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 7 (web)

AEC firms providing solutions to the challenges facing AEC firms today – deliver practical solutions that technical professionals can put to work immediately to lead their firms to success. https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/events/products/leadership- skills-for-aec-professionals?variant=30889848569891 virtual This is a 6 week program of 1 hour each week live zoom meetings with our seminar instructors. These meetings will be a mix of presentations, discussions, and open ended Q&A sessions, with the ability to continue the discussion via discussion forum from week to week. This will be the same great content that is taught during our in-person Project Management for AEC Professionals seminar. This program will have a limit of 30 participants so each participant will have time to ask questions and get the same cohort feel as an in-person seminar does. https://zweiggroup.myshopify.com/collections/webinars/products/ project-management-for-aec-professionals-virtual-seminar-starting- july-14-2020?variant=34600145813655 Project Management for AEC Professionals starting july 14 – 6 pdh/lu Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals starting august 5 – 6 pdh/lu Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals is specifically developed to help design and technical professionals in architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental firms become more comfortable managing clients and promoting the firm and its services. Led by two retired and current CEOs with extensive experience from the design desk to the board room, this one-of-a- kind seminar presents business development techniques proven to drive real growth and value in your AEC firm. Beyond the buzzword heavy, ra-ra approach of other business development and sales training seminars, Elevating Doer-Sellers: Intensive 2-Day Workshop focuses on what really works in today’s AEC firm utilizing practical and proven techniques that resonate across the organizational chart. https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/elevating- doer-sellers-business-development-for-aec-professionals-virtual- seminar-starting-august-5-2020?variant=34614078701719 Solid financial management is crucial to the success of any company, and firms in the AEC industry are no exception. This short course provides an overview of business financial management – specifically tailored to our industry – to help firm leaders make informed decisions that drive results. Topics include: interpreting financial statements; key performance metrics; benchmarking and project cash flow management. https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/copy-of- recruitment-retention-webinar?variant=31805139320904 Driving Financial Results Webinar 1 pdh

Recruitment & Retention Webinar .5 pdh

Zweig Group's research shows that recruiting and retention are the #1 challenges AEC firms have faced in the last few years. This webinar discusses current data from exclusive industry survey results that can be used to effectively develop your firm's recruitment and retention strategy in any type of job market. https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/ recruiting-retention?variant=31792090054728 The way we work, do business, and interact is constantly evolving and changing. Leaders are the first we look to when we need to adopt a change or understand how change affects us personally. You and your team must understand how to lead and adapt to an ever-changing environment. This seminar is designed to help you proactively lead your firm or team through change. You’ll learn what makes change challenging, several models and systems to lead change efforts, you’ll learn how to define and accept your role in change and gain practical frameworks for becoming an effective change leader. https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/change- management-webinar?variant=31811496476744 Change Management Webinar 1 pdh Understanding Key Financial Statistics in the AEC Industry .5 pdh Financial statistics and ratios are crucial to assessing your firm’s financial health. Zweig Group’s Financial Performance Report of AEC Firms helps firms compare their performance against industry norms, comparable firms, and specific performance categories. This webinar will highlight several key financial statistics, how they are calculated, and what the industry trends for each measure look like over the last five years. https://zweiggroup.myshopify.com/collections/webinars/products/ understanding-key-financial-statistics-in-the-aec-industry- webinar?variant=31816904441928

Ownership Transition in the AEC Industry 1 pdh

Zweig Group examines the ever-complex environment of ownership transition in anAEC firm. The presentation covers a range of topics, giving


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