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Shelly Coffman

In December, I started the process of bringing a dog into our family, without even an inkling of a lead on an actual dog. Recognizing the need for my kiddo to have this much needed support with VERY specific requirements seemed a giant hurdle. I really didn’t want a puppy, as cute as they are. My never-at-home life did not support puppy-dom. I was worried that in order to get “just the right dog,” a puppy would eventually make its way into my life, despite my objections. I reached out to a local animal rescue and asked if it was possible to find all of the qualities I was looking for in a rescue pup. I was assured that the right pup would come along, but it just might be a while, and that we certainly shouldn’t have a puppy. Many petfinder posts and several months later, we were still dogless (and fenceless.) I got the call from Pixie Project on a Friday that a rescue puppy was available, and they thought this pup would be perfect. I was worried about a puppy, I thought I’d at least be able to get through Girl Scout cookie season before having to “level up.” I was assured this was just the right dog. Many kudos to the Pixie Project — they were not wrong. Meet Supernova, aka Nova. Nova is as sweet and loving and easy a puppy as I could have hoped with an older dog. Nova settled right into our chaos and has become the greeter at the office. Need a therapy dog to accompany your physical therapy? There’s a Nova for that! The sweet blessing that this dog has been for my daughter, once we pulled the trigger, seemed like a speedy arrow. From the first

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April Fools’ Day is a fun holiday to mess with friends and family, but it also serves as an important reminder about the dangers of deceit. When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of fads and opinions out there, and it can be difficult to parse fact from fiction. If you don’t want to be a fitness fool this season, follow these five simple tips. Don’t OverwhelmYourself A lot of beginners have unrealistic goals. Right off the bat they’ll aim to gain 20 pounds of muscle, lose 15 pounds of fat, cut every carb from their diet, or complete sunrise workouts six times a week. But trying to tackle a mammoth goal right away is more likely to lead to failure. You’ll quickly run out of time, willpower, and energy. Instead, break your goal into smaller steps that are easier to achieve. If you’re trying to build muscle, then start with using more free weights at the gym or increasing your protein intake each day. Then build up to bigger things. Track Your Progress How will you know you’re improving if you don’t measure your growth? After every workout, write down everything you did, including minutes of cardio performed, weights used, and reps

phone call to the puppy pick up was a mere eight weeks. At this time last year, I was six weeks into my eight-week weight loss challenge and had met my goal. This led me to think, What could I do in my life, if I was able to maintain laser focus on one important goal at a time? It is so easy to get distracted,“focus”on too many things at a time (not a thing), and lose focus on the one thing we want or need to accomplish above all else. Time passes, and we’re no closer to that goal because we spread our efforts too thin. When that laser focus is allowed to be channeled toward your dreams, then it’s no longer a dream. Turn your dreams into goals, and take action . Sweet puppy kisses were a nice reward. My wish for you is that you take the time to weigh out where to value your time and, step step step, turn those wishes into reality. May your reward be even better than puppies! –-Shelly Coffman

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