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These past couple of months, we have been hard at work revamping our brand. I have become something of an evangelist about the importance of planning, building a solid foundation, and stepping out of your comfort zone to obtain greater results. Practicing what you preach is always a difficult task, but it can be done! Last month, we launched our fresh newwebsite that looks amazing! This month, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I share with you our brand video to introduce to you what Yolofsky Law is all about! The newYolofsky Law video will be live on our website shortly, but in the meantime check out our video onYoutube using this url: bit.ly/YLawvideo If the kids haven’t told you, summer is right around the corner! The days are getting longer, and the weather is certainly getting hotter. The summer months are a fantastic opportunity to read, learn, practice, and train. What are you going to tackle?

“What’s in a name?” is perhaps one of the most memorable Shakespeare quotes. When he penned this line in“Romeo and Juliet,” I’m sure he didn’t mean for it to have direct applications to branding in the 21st century. But there is perhaps nothing more important to your company than its name. The name of a business is so much more than just its identifier. It carries a distinct persona that elicits an emotional reaction. It implies an experience. It invites interpretation and judgment. The way your name is regarded should stem from a precise interaction with the paradigm of the potential customer (a fancy way of saying it should be controlled by you rather than left to chance). The good news is that this interaction can be shaped and molded to fit the very goals your company aims to achieve. That’s where branding comes in. WHAT MAKES A GOOD BRAND? Picture your company as a person. What does that person look like? How do they present themselves to the world? How do they speak? How do other people interact with them? Branding encompasses all parts of your business and makes it available to the public. But just as humans can make a bad impression, so can corporations. Bad brands ignore two WHAT KINDOF PERSON IS YOUR BRAND? How to Make an Unforgettable Impression

crucial parts of branding: 1. The Nitty-Gritty Details

Brands need to approach every detail of their company with careful attention. Let’s continue to use the analogy of your brand as a person, only now they’re going on a date with a potential consumer. When your company sits down for dinner, do you

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