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MARCH 2020

THE LUCKIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE T he celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this month has good luck and fortune on my mind, which led obvious how interested I was. Set on meeting her, I sought out my roommate’s assistance in getting introduced to Hillary. We began spending time together (or, more accurately, I began to woo her), and the rest, as they say, is history.

me to consider the good fortune that has brought so many wonderful people into my life. It started with my parents the day I was born. My dad was an attorney and served as an inspirational force for me. My mom raised me with patience and kindness and was another source of inspiration. Throughout my school days, I was fortunate to have incredible teachers, 4-H advisors, and professors. Looking at the major parts of my life, I can’t help but think that one of the most fortunate things that’s ever happened to me was meeting Hillary. She’s had more of a positive influence on who I’ve become as an attorney and person than anyone else in my adult life. I was in law school when we first met. I wasn’t your typical law student. In addition to school, I had a job at a law firm, and if you can believe it, I moonlighted as a bouncer at a local music hall. Well, one of the nights I was working the latter job, Hillary came to the dance hall with her friend, who happened to be dating my roommate at the time. I’m fairly certain Hillary didn’t pay any attention to me that night, but I noticed her immediately. I could tell she was someone special. I tried to play cool, though in hindsight, I’m sure it was

When you think about whom you end up spending your life with, you don’t always consider how the circumstances lined up to bring that person into your life. How fortunate was I that I met Hillary and that she’s chosen to spend her life with me? Meeting her was one of the most important moments of my life. Hillary has been continuously giving and supportive of helping me be a better lawyer and person. If I’m facing a challenging case or I’m unhappy with how a client is being treated, she’s there for me. “When you think about whom you end up spending your life with, you don’t always consider how the circumstances lined up to bring that person into your life.”

When I was at a fork in the road trying to decide between staying with the firm I worked for or taking the leap and opening my own law firm, she was there for me. If it wasn’t for her support, I don’t know if I would have found the confidence to take the leap and open Rinehardt Law. Hillary gave me the courage. It was tough when we first started out —we didn’t have a lot of clients, and it was scary thinking about the future. Still, I don’t think we ever thought that we’d made the wrong choice. We got through it because we did it together. We’ll be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in May, and that’s thanks to the incredibly good fortune and circumstances that came together at the dance hall that night. I’m sure glad they brought Hillary into my life.

–John Rinehardt

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