Shamrock Labels 2020 Catalog

Shamrock Labels MANUFACTURING PROCESS Have you ever wondered how your labels get made? While it isn’t an overly complicated process, there is a little more to it than most people realize!






Projects often begin as an idea - as a way to improve an existing product or process. Other times the idea is for something completely new. No matter where your project begins, we can help you make it a reality.

Before any custom label can be made, we have to decide what we want it to look like: shape, size, text (if any), colors, and most importantly, what will the label be adhered to? We have a wide range of materials and adhesives, designed for different applica- tions. We can help you select just the right one for your project.

Shamrock’s graphics team works with you to solidify all of the details in a proof - to make sure you are completely happy with the design of your label before we start the manufacturing process.

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