Shamrock Labels 2020 Catalog


Blood collection, testing, processing, management and transfusion are all evolving elements of the healthcare support system. Hospitals and stand alone blood centers have unique needs, largely due to the need for the highest quality label materials and an intimate knowledge of ISBT 128 barcode requirements. Shamrock Labels prides ourselves on consistently providing assistance and resource to the blood banking community in order to assist with excellent blood labeling products. We can help you meet the ISBT Blood Bank standards with our complete line of blank, pre-printed, stock and custom labels.


201 ISBT Base Labels

202 ISBT Print on Demand Labels

221 ISBT Printed Product Labels

257 Testing, Blood Type, etc.

267 Auxiliary Labels

285 Blood Tags

287 Codabar Base Labels

294 Codabar Blood Donor Option Labels

298 Codabar Blood Identification Labels

300 Codabar Group Type Blood Identification Labels

302 Codabar Information Labels for Blood Testing

304 Codabar Product Labels

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