Shamrock Labels 2020 Catalog

OUR STORY Shamrock Labels has been on quite the adventure over our first 50 years. Starting with the early days when an entrepreneurial businessman traveled the country, visiting hospitals and earning newbusiness – one label at a time - we have always been committed to excellent relationships and client care. Intro- ducing pressure sensitive labels when cus- tomers still wet their labels to adhere them to IV bags, test tubes or charts, Shamrock has always been a leader in giving the cus- tomer what they were looking for. We have never settled for stock offerings and onesizefitsall approaches.Wedon’tagree that healthcare labels are commodities, where items in a catalog can be easily accessed by someone looking for a simple solution. If you have ever had a label challenge, you know that you need someone to help you get the right kind of paper and the right kind of adhesive. And that is exactly what we do. We listen to your story and get down to what the specific challenge is you’re having. Then we will help you with samples, illustrations and advice! Rooted in Chicago, Shamrock has always been committed to working closely with our customer to get it right. We earned GPO

Kevin Gerhard General Manager

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