Shamrock Labels 2020 Catalog

CLIENT CARE Over the years, we have found that our most satisfied customers are the ones who have developed a personal relationship with a Shamrock team member for order inquiries. We love the stories about customers who have been buying from us for 20 years and they have known someone on our team for the entire time! As a result, Shamrock Labels has decided to move away from our general team approach in which calls were picked up in the order they came in. Now, we have a team of staff who are dedicated to a geographical region who will be responsible for handling all re- gional customer requests from that area. The Shamrock member from that team is encouraged to get to know our customers, know their individual preferences and special requests. Our teams want to take good care of you so that you don’t want to purchase your labels from anyone else! Our new regional Client Care team model is one we have had a lot of early success with and will be looking to expand and develop more in the coming years.

Shirin Malik Director, Corporate Contracts & Client Care

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