Fireback Instruction Sheet

FIREBACK INSTRUCTION SHEET • FB1515 • FB1515U • FB1618 • FB1618U • FB2020 • FB2020U • FB2424 • FB2424U • FB2727 • FB2727U •

Firebacks protect the walls of the heat chamber in a fireplace from premature cracking and degradation. They also boost a fireplace’s heat output by reflecting more of the fire’s heat back into the room. Unfinished stainless steel models [FB1515U, FB1618U, FB2020U, FB2424U, FB2727U] will reflect more heat than painted models.

Installation Considerations:

• No tools are required for this installation. • All work must be performed after the fire is extinguished and all coals/ashes are cold. • All coals/ashes should be stored or disposed of properly. • Please remove the support brackets/feet from the box before discarding any packaging. • The finish on painted firebacks may peel or crack due to extreme heat. Painted firebacks may be cleaned, lightly sanded, and re-painted with a high temperature paint.

STEP 1 Remove all existing equipment from the fireplace, including grates, andirons, and/or gas logs. Clean the firebox by properly storing or disposing of all coals/ashes. Do not place warm or hot items on unprotected or combustible surfaces. STEP 2 Inspect the firebox for severe cracks, voids, or refractory failure and if necessary contact a professional to repair any existing damage. STEP 3 Place the support brackets/feet (included in the fireback packaging) into the base of the fireplace and position the fireback into the same slot on both brackets. The slots in the brackets allow for a slight forward-leaning, straight upright, or a slight rear-leaning stance. Select the desired position to maximize heat output. Center the fireback right to left in the firebox and approximately 1” from the back wall. It may be necessary to rotate the brackets to select the desired position.

Optional Installation Method: Center the fireback right to left in the firebox and then lean it against the rear wall of the firebox.

STEP 4 Re-install andirons, grates, and other equipment removed earlier.




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