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August 2018

Lessons From the Boss Inspiration from ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Long Island Sound

When Bruce Springsteen was an awkward kid who felt like a misfit, growing up in a rundown rented house in Freehold, New Jersey, he probably never imagined he would one day be accepting a Special Tony Award. Last June, he was on the Radio City Music Hall stage at age 68 doing just that. He was being honored for his current Broadway show, “Springsteen on Broadway,” a stripped-down one-man show based on his 2016 autobiography His Broadway show and the memoir it is based on offer some interesting life lessons from a man who has pursued his passion and, as a result, has been providing joy, comfort, and inspiration to loyal fans all over the world for nearly five decades. His success as well as his creative output have outlasted most of his mussical contemporaries. While I am no rock star, I am inspired by Springsteen’s passion and dedication. At an early age, before he could even play guitar, he discovered the power of music to motivate, comfort, and change the lives of listeners. After deciding he wanted to be involved in that process, he began devoting himself to developing his talent and perfecting his craft, practicing for hours on end, closely studying other performers, and playing with his band in every venue imaginable. When his “Born to Run.” I recently had the pleasure of attending the show.

work started to resonate with millions of people across the country, he worked even harder, exceeding the expectations of his audience and becoming legendary for giving it his all. His 3-hour-long concerts left many fans with memories of his passion and dedication that would last for years to come. I would like to think I have the same passion and dedication for helping people enjoy the life-changing results of better hearing. Since I was a teenager, I have been interested in the ways that hearing and communication, music and conversation enrich our lives and relationships. When I discovered audiology, I became engrossed with its study and threw myself wholly into the field. From then on, I spent countless hours developing my skills and building my audiology practice to serve my patients with more high-quality care and service than they could expect from other providers. Since 1996, all of us at Hearing Center of Long Island have been giving it our all for our patients, continuing to develop and refine new ways to serve them. “Springsteen on Broadway” is devoid of the trappings of a traditional Broadway production. Standing on stage alone in a black T-shirt and jeans, with nothing more than a piano, guitar, and the brick wall behind him, Springsteen simply tells the audience about his colorful —

Dr. Larry waiting for the show to start.

and often difficult — life through stories and songs. It is a unique approach to a Broadway show, but it is effective. At Hearing Center of Long Island, we take our own unique approach to hearing care, dedicating ourselves to providing our patients with the service and care they need to live happy, full lives, with meaningful relationships.

–Lawrence Cardano, Au.D.

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