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maintaining its value. Additionally, decluttering closets and corners will remove any barriers that prevent you from seeing blemishes that need a little touching up. The rooms that make the most sense to potentially renovate are the ones that receive the most traffic: namely, the kitchen and bathrooms. Most home improvement websites and articles advocate for renovating these rooms first. Luckily, replacing old appliances with newer ones requires little technical knowledge. It is also relatively simple to paint walls and cabinets to match modern sensibilities. Beyond that, upgrading countertops and floors can go a long way in improving the market value of your house. Finally, it pays to remember who the future owners of your home will be and of support you might need down the road. With our generation living longer than our parents, there’s a possibility that we may require additional support services. You and your spouse may not know if either of you will need in-home care, but considering this possibility and the financial factors that come with it can help you better enjoy this exciting phase of your life. In most cases, neither Medicare or Medicaid covers in-home care. There are some exceptions, like home- and community-based services that are state and locally funded and cover those who qualify through Medicaid. If you or your spouse are veterans and meet the requirements, you may be eligible for aid and attendance benefits. These benefits are paid for by the VA in addition to a veteran’s monthly pension. It may cover the costs of in-home care for veterans who require the aid of another person or are housebound. Visit

what sort of style and amenities they will find appealing. The population of the U.S. is getting older, and many older properties have stairways that are too steep, hallways that are too narrow, and showers that are too difficult to get into. Keeping an aging population in mind can help homeowners decide which projects to prioritize. It pays to consider what sort of technology will improve the functionality of a house as well. From thermostats to doorbells, there are plenty of smart devices on the market that can make a new homeowner’s life much simpler. These home improvement projects range from easy yearly maintenance to keeping future population trends in mind, but none of them should pose serious problems for the industrious homeowner. Benefits.va.gov to learn more. Still, you may not want to rely on qualifying for one of these services. Consider adapting your estate plan to include designated in-home care. Meet with your attorney to review your living trust and see if it addresses a caregiver. Talk to your family members and loved ones about the possibility that you or your spouse may need this service. While a family member may offer to step into that role, consider how easily they will be able to carry it out. Even a part- time caregiver could provide you with support and make your family members feel like they are not doing it alone. Planning for the possibility that you may need in-home care services can help make your retirement even more enjoyable. Knowing you’ll have a close helping hand can ease your family’s worries and even strengthen your bond.

When retirement approaches, you may be thinking about the freedom you’ll enjoy after putting in your last nine-to-five. It’s a culmination of years of hard work and a cause for celebration! Before you get to celebrate, though, it’s important to consider what kind

Making Your House Look Good Inside and Out

March is National Asset Management Month and, as spring approaches, there will be a myriad of opportunities for homeowners to increase the value of one of their key assets: their home. Even if you aren’t looking to sell anytime soon, there are projects and practices that can increase the value of your house and generate larger ROI down the road. The easiest way to increase the value of your property is to keep its appearance sharp inside and out. Planting and maintaining trees, flowers, and grass will accentuate the beauty of your yard, no matter its size. Though not as frequently needed, touching up the outside of your house with a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. As for the inside of your home, keeping floors, walls, and appliances as free of wear and tear as possible will help in


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