King's Business - 1954-02

This outstanding color film is offered by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. to churches and other groups on a free will offering basis. Also available are seven other great motion pictures: I Saw Petra Here is an unusual presentation of the dramatic story of restless Korea coupled with the great message of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ. Filmed during the closing days of the Korean conflict and the time of the truce signing at Panmunjom, the horrors of war and the wreckage left in its wake are vividly presented. The historic signing of the truce is a highlight of the film which is one of the most complete coverages available of the event. The picture also gives an accurate presentation of the hardships and needs of the restless Korean people. The courage of Korean soldiers and of Korean Christians is seen as together they struggle to find peace far their buffeted country. Schools, churches, orphanages and other avenues of service are shown as, amidst the war’s desolation, Christian missions in Korea continue.

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