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Not Just a House: Where Will Older Adults Call Home as They Age? Alisha Sanders, Guest Editor Housing provides shelter from the elements and a place fromwhich to operate daily life. Home, however, often holds greater meaning. For many, it is a wealth-builder. It can also represent family, community, stability, safety, control, comfort, and sanctuary. What implications do the meaning of home have for individuals as they age? How does aging impact elders’ interest or willingness to adapt or change their housing, if or when their capacities change? U.S. housing policies often center on the wealth-building aspect, focusing on promoting and maintain- ing single family ownership and increasing home values. This focus, however, may limit the creation of a range of housing opportunities that could support the varying interests, needs, and capacities of people as they age. How can housing policies and practices better effect health and quality of life for elders of varying means and needs? This issue of Generations examines the philosophical, practical, social and cultural, and policy angles of housing, home, and aging in America.

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