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ins ide generat ions Taking Action Against Elder Mistreatment

connect ing sys tems : fol lowing an e lder ’s potent i a l journey through sys tems 44 EAGLE and DETECT—Innovative Tools Helping First Responders to Combat Elder Abuse By Brad Cannell, Lori Mars, and Julie Schoen 51 EM-SART: A Scalable Elder Mistreatment Screening and Response Tool for Emergency Departments By Timothy F. Platts-Mills, Theresa Sivers- Teixeira, Andrew Encarnacion, Brian Tanksley, and Bonnie Olsen 59 Connecting Community-Based Resources and Health Systems to Keep Older Adults Safe By Kristin Lees Haggerty, Alice Bonner, and Debi Lang 67 Advancing the Elder Abuse Work of Adult Protective Services Through Participation on Multidisciplinary Teams By Risa Breckman, Deborah Holt-Knight, Lisa Rachmuth, and Rima Rivera 74 Elder Abuse Shelter Programs: From Model to Movement By Malya Kurzweil Levin, Daniel Reingold, and Joy Solomon 81 The Weinberg Center for Elder Justice: A Place to Shelter By Joy Solomon 84 The Role of Civil Legal Aid in Elder Abuse By Sarah Galvan and Vivianne Mbaku 91 Elder Mistreatment Intervention: Strategies for Connecting with Diverse and Rural Populations By Carmel Bitondo Dyer, Cristina Murdock, Julia Hiner, John Halphen, and Jason Burnett

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Kristin Lees Haggerty, Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle, and Terry Fulmer

e lder mi s t reatment : prevent ion , percept ion , and a ca l l to act ion 8 A Roadmap Toward Safer, Happier Lives: The National Collaboratory to Address Elder Mistreatment By Kristin Lees Haggerty, Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle, and Terry Fulmer 10 The Might of Metaphor: Strengthening 17 Reframing Elder Abuse By Laura Mosqueda, Alyssa Neumann, and Eden Ruiz-Lopez 20 Elder Mistreatment Across Diverse Cultures By Mengting Li, Ruijia Chen, and XinQi Dong hea l th sys tems , older adul t s , and e lder mi s t reatment 26 Connecting Models of Care to Address Elder Mistreatment By Shrien Alshabasy, Benjamin Lesiak, Amy Berman, and Terry Fulmer 33 The National Collaboratory on Elder Mistreatment By Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle and Scott Bane 38 The Power of Data Can Support Effective Response to Elder Mistreatment in Hospital Emergency Departments Support for Elder Abuse Prevention By Daniel S. Busso, Moira O’Neil, and Andrew Volmert

By Kim Dash, Tony Rosen, Kevin Biese, Timothy F. Platts-Mills, and Ula Hwang

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