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adapting the shelter model to individual com- munities requires signifcant strategic planning and collaboration, the results offer wide-ranging benefts to community-based elder justice pro- fessionals across disciplines, to the care commu- nities temporarily housing shelter clients, and, of course, to elders who experience abuse. Due to the pivotal role that sheltering plays, and the infrastructure created by the SPRiNG Alliance, the elder abuse shelter movement is poised for continued exponential growth.

Malya Kurzweil Levin, Esq., is the senior staff attorney at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Justice, in New York City. She can be contacted at . Daniel Reingold, M.S.W., J.D., is president and CEO of RiverSpring Health, in New York City. He can be contacted at daniel.reingold@riverspring . Joy Solomon, Esq., is the director and managing attorney at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Justice. She can be contacted at joy. .

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