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Thousand s Have Ta k e n Ad v a n t a g e o f thi s UNPRECEDENTED OPPORTUNITY!!! A N E W S U P P L Y A T Y O U R O W N T E R M S Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible New Edition With In trodu c tion by Charles G. T rum bu ll. He says: It is a rare spiritual treat to sit down with Matthew Henry. Whether for sermon preparation» teaching a Sunday School class» leading a prayer meeting or for enrichment of one’s personal life he ministers to us unfailingly.”

Balance on Your Own Terms (See Below)

Genuine “ REVELL” SIX-VOLUME EDITION “Makes sermon preparation an actual joy ”—A Delighted User. ¡1® = NOTE.„THE DELIGHTFUL N A R R O W C O L U M N , LARGE, EASILY READ TYPE people, that they may do, when they come to Gibeah of Benjamin, accord­ ing to all the folly that they have wrought in Israel. 11 So all the men of Israel were gathered against the city, knit together as one man. Here is» I. Ageneral meetingof allthecon­ gregationof Israel to examine themattercon­ cerningtheLevite’sconcubine,andtoconsider what was tobe done upon it, v. 1,2. It does Handsome Fabrikoid Morocco Grained Binding Famous for Its Durability

O N L Y $3.00 (W ith Order)

A Brand New Edition —

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Greatly Improved!

f No preacher or Bible student should miss the opportunity (repeated this month) to secure Matthew Henry fresh and resplendent from the bindery, on his own terms. Recently a great Bible student, Rev. J. D. Jones, of Bournemouth, England, a man whose 00 works are read by millions— whose counsel is s° ught by thousands— was asked to begin \ ^ the making , of a commentary upon the whole Bible as he had done on some *♦* of the Books of the Bible. His re- \ •’■ q ply was: V* “ That has been done and satisfac- \ X torily done by Matthew Henry. *♦. *♦. H. Revell Co., 158 Fifth Ave., New York City Gentlemen : Enclosed find $3.00 as first p a y m e n t on Matthew Henry’s Com­ mentary ($15.00). I will remit the balance as fol­ lows: K.B. X 1.36 Fleming

go wrong in deciding that you have deprived yourself long enough of this great “ Assistant,” which has so far eluded your possession, and that this will be the next purchase you are going to make ? <1Fellow students and fellow preachers will tell you that you cannot equal Matthew Henry for his wealth of inspiration, help, interpretation and the vast store of sermons it offers, ready to be launched from its inex- haustible pages. •I The greatest preachers of other days attributed much of their inspiration to this remarkable work. Alert preachers are turning again to it in increasing numbers. After the strife of the battle of criticism, they are find­ ing it a relief in its calm, helpful interpretations. C. H. Spurgeon said: “ Every minister ought to read Matthew Henry entirely and carefully through once at least. He will acquire a vast store of sermons, and as for thoughts, they will swarm around him like twittering swallows around an old gable towards the close of autumn.” Theodore L. Cuyler said: “ To how many a hard­ working minister has this book been a mine of gold! Next to wife and children has lain near his heart the pored-over and prayed-over copy of his Matthew Henry.” FLEMING H. REVELL COMPANY, PUBLISHERS 158 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY

He cannot be superseded, and V , the marvel is that he should , have been able to do it v as completely and as Oft. well as he has. It cannot be done again.” H o w ♦♦ can you H Ü

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