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January 2020

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Clearer in Hindsight Look Beyond the Obvious to See What’s Possible

so he could attend dental school, and Melanie was a great refuge to Jeanelle. It was wonderful to have a couple familiar faces and support so far from home. While the choice to leave Alberta was tough, many positive outcomes that we couldn’t have seen at the time came into our lives because of our decision to move: finding our home in Star Valley, opening up our dental practice, and discovering our community here. When things were hard, Jeanelle and I had to trust ourselves and our vision for what we wanted our life to be like. Having a vision means looking beyond what’s obvious to see what’s possible . It was scary to leave everything we knew and start over, but we also had a vision of what we wanted our lives — and our children’s lives — to look like. Looking out at this valley we call home, I feel as if everything we dreamed about came to fruition. Going into the new year, I encourage you to trust yourself and what you want from life. You may not be there yet, but if you keep what you want in sight, you will find it.

dental school. There was nothing easy about the decision, but in our hearts, we knew it was the right one. Before our move, I’d been given the opportunity to take over my dad’s trucking company. All my life, I watched my dad work hard and be a great provider to our family. He and my mom taught me how to work hard and run a business. But the nature of his profession meant he was gone a lot. Growing up seeing my dad off on long-haul trucking trips, gone for big chunks of time, helped me decide I never wanted to do what he did. I knew I didn’t want that for me or my family. So, Jeanelle and I loaded everything into our two U-Hauls, gathered our two sons, and traveled all those miles from Alberta to Omaha on faith and a prayer. We moved away from our home, our community, and our friends. Being completely on our own for the first time as a married couple strengthened our relationship. Jeanelle and I depended on each other to get through it and to remind each other why we’d made the choice we did. Fortunately, Jeanelle’s sister, Melanie, and her husband had also moved to Omaha

When you’re going through a challenging time, it’s usually not until much later that you clearly see how the experience helped you get where you need to be. Only when you’re much further along the path do you see the doors that were opened by those that shut. When Jeanelle and I made the decision to move to the United States with two young kids in tow, this was the case. We’d left our home behind to start a new adventure in Nebraska, where I would be attending

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