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January 2020

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Clearer in Hindsight Look Beyond the Obvious to See What’s Possible

so he could attend dental school, and Melanie was a great refuge to Jeanelle. It was wonderful to have a couple familiar faces and support so far from home. While the choice to leave Alberta was tough, many positive outcomes that we couldn’t have seen at the time came into our lives because of our decision to move: finding our home in Star Valley, opening up our dental practice, and discovering our community here. When things were hard, Jeanelle and I had to trust ourselves and our vision for what we wanted our life to be like. Having a vision means looking beyond what’s obvious to see what’s possible . It was scary to leave everything we knew and start over, but we also had a vision of what we wanted our lives — and our children’s lives — to look like. Looking out at this valley we call home, I feel as if everything we dreamed about came to fruition. Going into the new year, I encourage you to trust yourself and what you want from life. You may not be there yet, but if you keep what you want in sight, you will find it.

dental school. There was nothing easy about the decision, but in our hearts, we knew it was the right one. Before our move, I’d been given the opportunity to take over my dad’s trucking company. All my life, I watched my dad work hard and be a great provider to our family. He and my mom taught me how to work hard and run a business. But the nature of his profession meant he was gone a lot. Growing up seeing my dad off on long-haul trucking trips, gone for big chunks of time, helped me decide I never wanted to do what he did. I knew I didn’t want that for me or my family. So, Jeanelle and I loaded everything into our two U-Hauls, gathered our two sons, and traveled all those miles from Alberta to Omaha on faith and a prayer. We moved away from our home, our community, and our friends. Being completely on our own for the first time as a married couple strengthened our relationship. Jeanelle and I depended on each other to get through it and to remind each other why we’d made the choice we did. Fortunately, Jeanelle’s sister, Melanie, and her husband had also moved to Omaha

When you’re going through a challenging time, it’s usually not until much later that you clearly see how the experience helped you get where you need to be. Only when you’re much further along the path do you see the doors that were opened by those that shut. When Jeanelle and I made the decision to move to the United States with two young kids in tow, this was the case. We’d left our home behind to start a new adventure in Nebraska, where I would be attending

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Celebrating a Great Year

Thanks to Our Amazing Patients

2019 has been pretty great, hasn’t it? We watched four beautiful seasons change as we went about our days in the Star Valley. We got to meet some amazing new patients, many of whom came here because of you! We gave away a Yeti cooler and camp chairs, a gas grill, and a TV. We held our Summer Extravaganza for the second year, and let us tell you, you wowed us with your photos! It looks like you all had a fun summer! We hosted a barbecue to celebrate all of you and gave away a grand prize to the lucky patients. As the year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to celebrate you and everything you mean to us. Thank you for an amazing year!

“Everyone is always so friendly! They take their time to make sure you are comfortable, and they explain the procedures. Very easy to schedule appointments when needed.”


“I went in with anxieties about the work I had to have done, and Dr. Livingston and his staff made me feel comfortable and were very supportive and accommodating. He did a great job, and I will have less anxiety about going in next time.”


Now, here to spread the good cheer are some of the kind words our patients have shared about our team.

Your reviews mean so much to us. As a small business, they help us grow and provide better service to you (plus, you get entered to win cool prizes through our referral program!). We appreciate you!

“EVERYONE was kind and professional, and the office was immaculate. Dr. Livingston was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in detail without rushing me. I even had my teeth cleaned/polished that very day without an appointment! I also got a bag full of toothbrushes, floss, a spin brush, toothpaste, a cloth bag, a pen, and a water bottle!”

2019 was great, and 2020 is going to be even better!


The Legend of the Tooth Worm One of Dentistry’s Strangest Myths

of Maryland Dental School has revealed “wormlike” structures inside molars that could have inspired the myth.

Toothaches are uncomfortable enough without getting slimy critters involved. However, for the majority of human history, “tooth worms” were believed to be the actual source of toothaches and other oral health issues. Where did this belief come from, why was it so pervasive across cultures, and how did the precursors to modern dentists treat the problem? The answers might surprise you. UNEARTHING THE WORM The first mention of a worm that fed on human teeth can be found in an ancient Babylonian cuneiform inscription. The tale depicts a conversation between a worm and Mesopotamian gods, in which the worm declares, “The blood of the tooth I will suck, and of the gum I will gnaw its roots!” While it is unclear if this inscription was the genesis of the myth, Babylon certainly wasn’t the only place it appeared. WORMING THROUGH HISTORY This hungry little worm appears again in Mayan legends, Sinhalese folk charms, and even 18th-century books on dentistry. How did so many cultures from around the world believe in the same pernicious little creature? One theory suggests premodern dentists removing dental crowns mistook the underlying nerve for the worm. However, more recent research from the University

TURNING TO MAGIC AND RITUAL Before modern medical science, people turned to the supernatural to cure their dental issues. After all, the tooth worm was thought to be a semimagical being, so why not fight magic with magic? Some of the less graphic premodern treatments included trying to smoke the worm out by using honey to lure the worm out of the tooth or banishing the evil creature through ceremonial chants.

Today, we know tooth worms don’t exist, and our dentists won’t cast any magic spells on you (we promise). However, every story has a nugget of truth: While much smaller than

worms, bacteria do feed on our tooth enamel. That’s why regular cleanings twice a year are important to keep your smile happy and healthy!

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3 Tips for Winter Camping That Will Change the Game BRING YOUR OWN ENTERTAINMENT There more than likely won’t be any service where you’re going, and you’ll want to save your phone’s battery anyway. Since you won’t be able to be outside for long periods of time in the evenings, bring a book or some board games to keep you occupied. The winter nights are far longer than the summer ones, so you’ll need something to do in the hours before you fall asleep. Packing a good flashlight is also a great idea! PACK A TENT HEATER High-quality cold-weather sleeping bags and pads are essential for winter camping, but a tent heater is a great way to go above and beyond to make sure you’re really comfortable. These portable heating units go the extra mile in keeping you warm and cozy in some of the most frigid conditions. Some heaters run on propane while others are electric, so prices and heat output vary widely, but if you find one that works for your trip and your budget, you won’t regret making that purchase.

If you want to try winter camping this year, you can probably guess that staying warm and dry is vital, but that’s obvious if you want to survive. What if you actually want to enjoy the experience of being out in the elements in the dead of winter? It may sound extreme, but many people swear by camping in the cold — it’s an entirely different ball game. Keep these tips in mind for a cozy winter camping experience. temperatures a little easier, brew some cowboy coffee to sip around the fire as the sun rises over the mountains. First, place a pot of water over the fire until it boils. Take it off the heat and dump in 2 tbsp of grounds per 8 oz of water. Stir and let it steep for 4–5 minutes. Periodically tap the side of the pot a few times with a knife to help the grounds settle, or swirl the pot in a windmill motion to achieve the same effect with centrifugal force. Add a small amount of cold water to help the grounds settle to the bottom, then pour and enjoy! MAKE COWBOY COFFEE To make getting out of your sleeping bag in below-freezing

Puzzle Time! How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut

Ingredients • 2 lbs cabbage • 4 tsp fine sea salt Equipment • Jar

Inspired by

• Lid with airlock • Something to weigh down cabbage, ideally made of a

nonreactive material like glass


1. Remove outer leaves from cabbage. Slice very thinly. 2. In a large bowl, combine cabbage and salt. Let stand for 20 minutes. 3. Squeeze cabbage to release juices. Let the cabbage continue to soak and release juices for another 20 minutes. 4. Transfer to a jar and press down cabbage until completely submerged in its juices. Weigh down cabbage. 5. Seal jar with airlock. Let cabbage sit at room temperature and away from sunlight for one month. Once fermented, transfer to the fridge. Sauerkraut will keep for six months to one year.






on being named Top Dentist of Wyoming 2018!

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Inside The Importance of Risk and Hindsight

In Celebration of Our Patients The Mythical Tooth-Eating Worm

Did You Think of These Winter Camping Tips? How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut

The National Museum of Wildlife Art

Visiting the National Museum of Wildlife Art

These include pieces from Georgia O’Keeffe, John James Audubon, John Clymer, and Robert Kuhn. Within its walls you can experience thousands of years of wildlife history, spanning from 2500 B.C. to the present. The museum’s permanent collection is a unique encapsulation of the connection we have had to wildlife throughout human history. Children are among the thousands of visitors who come to see the artwork annually, and the museum has curated a children’s gallery especially for them. There’s also an impressive outdoor sculpture trail, a museum shop, and a restaurant, and Jackson Town Square is just a few miles away. You can find more information and hours at On a chilly winter day, the inspiring sights here might be just what you need to bring some warmth into your life.

Founded in 1987, the National Museum of Wildlife Art has become recognized as a treasure to Wyoming and to the nation. In 1994, the museum received the Wyoming Humanities Award, and in 2008, it received its current designation as the National Museum of Wildlife Art of the United States from Congress. It’s hard to beat the setting of this wildlife museum. Located in Jackson, Wyoming, just 2 miles from the gateway to Grand Teton National Park, the National Museum of Wildlife Art is nestled into a cliff that overlooks the pristine National Elk Refuge. The award- winning architecture that houses the museum was inspired by the ruins of Slains Castle in Scotland. As if the beautiful environment weren’t enough, the museum is also filled with 14 galleries totaling over 5,000 pieces from artists who evoke the relationship between humans and the natural world.

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