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Period 2 2020 Highlights

New Products & Focus-on

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New Products

Focus-on: Six Nations

We bring you and your customers a selection of our latest new products from some of the biggest brands in the UK market! Why not top-up your ROCS order with a new and exciting purchase?

“Since 2013, the global rugby fan base has increased by an impressive 24% and is now the second most popular sport tuned into by fans, after football.” Visit ROCS at to see our full range.

Yo! Aromatic Katsu Curry 100g 12 Per Case 1057811

Yo! Sweet Sticky Teriyaki 100g 12 Per Case 1057812

Yo! Soy Ginger Garlic Yakisoba 100g 12 Per Case 1057813

Beck’s Blue Alcohol Free Beer Bottles 6 x 275ml 4 Per Case 1093938

Fuller’s London Pride Outstanding Premium Ale 500ml 8 Per Case 1093832

Shepherd Neame Spitfire Amber

Hula Hoops Family Pack 6 x 24g 30 Per Case 1025104

Pringles Rice Fusion Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala Flavour 160g 19 Per Case 1024376

Ale 500ml 8 Per Case 1058656

Yo! Hot Chilli Chirisou 150g 6 Per Case 1057814

Yo! Creamy Japanese Mayo 250ml 5 Per Case 1057815

Yo! Spicy Sriracha Chilli Mayo 250ml 5 Per Case 1057816

Old El Paso Crunchy Cheese Tortilla

Popchips Barbeque Potato Chips 85g 8 Per Case 1048350

Walkers Classic Variety 6 x 25g 18 Per Case 1025605

Walkers Max Strong Jalapeño & Cheese

Strips 185g 5 Per Case 1057366

Crisps 150g 9 Per Case 1025599

Nandos Bag N Bake Lemon Herb 20g 12 Per Case 1066960

Nandos Bag N Bake Medium 20g 12 Per Case 1066961

Nandos Bag N Bake Hot 20g 12 Per Case 1066962

J2O Apple & Raspberry Juice Drink 4 x 275ml 6 Per Case 1064423

Monster Ultra Violet 500ml 12 Per Case 1031719

Pepsi Max Cherry 2L 8 Per Case 1061093

Volvic Natural Mineral Water 1L 12 Per Case 1061235

For more information please contact your Customer Service Export Advisor or a member of our sales team:

+44(0) 1472 315 610 Adam Smith Street, Grimsby, DN31 1SJ, United Kingdom

Find over 24,000 more products on ROCS!

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