Dialogue – Fall 2019

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Dialogue A Publication of the Ontario Electrical League Issue 41-3 • Fall 2019


Defects Through the Eyes of a Trainer

can point out buildings they wired up in the sixties, proudly recall having done the original work. I too am guilty of this, and I doubt I’ll ever forget about some of the projects I’ve had the privilege of being a part of over the years: the hockey arena, hospital, auto assembly plant or wastewater treatment facility. But I digress – I take pride in these installations because I

Editorial Focus: TRAINING 1 Through the Eyes of the Trainer 1 Re-Training and Certifications 3 Message from the Chair 3 Message from the President 6 Stray Welding Current Damage 8 ESA: OESC Expands Tamper-resistant Receptacle Requirements 10 Leading-edge Risks for Workers Working at Heights 12 Role of a Competent Supervisor in Health and Safety 14 How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack 16 Building a Safety Culture 18 OEL Online Training Courses 20 Members’ News

did the best work I could on those projects, yet the Inspector still found defects for my crew or me to remedy before passing the job. Some contractors think Inspectors are on a mission to try and find something wrong with the installation. In my experience having worked as an Inspector, nothing could be

By: Virginia Pohler, Consultant and Trainer, Donald R. McNichol Consulting Inc. E lectricians take pride in their work. How many times have you been driving around town with your family packed into the car, pointing out the buildings you’ve worked on over the years? I know electricians with over half a century of experience who By: Len Cicero, Owner and President, Lenco Training and Technical Services C ongratulations! You have just recently passed your Certificate of Qualification. You are now a qualified electrician – either 309A or 442A, whichever. Now what? Well for many, this may be the last exam that you write – other than going on and receiving your “Master’s Licence”, which I believe every electrician should at least attempt at some point during their working years. TO ENSURE DELIVERY, MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP! PUBLICATIONS MAILAGREEMENT No. 40032872

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Training, Re-Training and Certifications

Fast forward 25 years later, you still have the same licence and are paying the processing fees, however other than code update seminars or a course offered through a distributor, you have received very little if any further qualifications, certifications or advancements in the trade. This is certainly not your fault and you are not to blame for this. Perhaps

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