JULY 2020

Wine and Cheese Basket

This basket contains all 3 Wine and Cheese products.

PAN 079 July Basket ‘Wine and Cheese’ $56.60 $62.90 Save 10%

* Promotion available 1st to 31st July

AZZA Pacific Pty Ltd

PAN 072: April 2020 Basket 2 River

Back in Stock!! The RIVER products from April were so popular that stocks could not keep up, and Covid-19 caused the production to be delayed. But the good news is that new stocks have now arrived. As well as selling the individual products, the RIVER BASKET will be made available again in July for those who missed out in April. Here’s a quick reminder of the products.



PAP 0074 Printed Papers Pack HALF PACK ‘River’

TAM 0093 Large Stamp Set ‘River’

PAN 072 Basket ‘River’ $64.50 $71.65 Save 10% * Promotion available 1st to 31st July

GAB 307 Texture and decoration duo ‘River’

PAP 4025 Silhouette Figures ‘River’

PAP 3020 Printed sketch sheet ‘River’


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