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We are proud that Adelaide’s finest supermarkets are an integral partner within the South Australian Seafood Industry. The ambience that our fish mongers’ create with their passion and displays will seduce you over and over again as we aspire to provide to you the very best quality and the widest range available of locally caught seafood from sustainable fisheries in South Australia. We are incorporating a work together approach with fishers and the fishing industry to advance the promotion of fresh high quality local seafood to be supplied by sustainable fisheries. Our loyalty is to our customers, suppliers, farmers and the community. Local jobs and local businesses are very important to us and we support and buy direct from local fishing businesses who are family enterprises that operate throughout regional South Australia. The fishing community who we purchase from, are on the waters daily and are the custodians of the marine environment. They have a vested interest in the long term sustainable harvest of the resource and they take their responsibility very seriously.

kg Fresh Whole Coorong Mullet $ 13. 98 FROM THE COORONG

kg Fresh Whole Ocean Jackets $ 7. 95 FROM COFFIN BAY

doz Fresh Oysters $ 12. 00 FROM COFFIN BAY

kg Fresh Crabs (cooked or Raw ) $ 15. 00 FROM GULF ST. VINCENT

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