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December 2017

The Spirit of Giving

Though I’m not sure I’d characterize myself as a 10/10 on the “Christmas spirit” scale, the holiday season is still one of my favorite times of the year. These days, Christmas Eve is one of the only days my extended family manages to get together and catch up. We gather at either my dad’s or one of his two sisters’ houses that evening for a meal and some quality time. Christmas morning, my immediate family hangs out in the living room, opening presents and enjoying each other’s company. Once everything’s been opened and the heaps of wrapping paper are in the trash, we make our way to my in-laws’ place to relax with them for a bit before heading to my parents’ house later in the afternoon. All in all, it ends up being a day packed with family and fun.

they pause for a minute to think. After much deliberation, they usually land on whatever new technological marvel is popular that year, usually with a price tag exponentially more than an action figure or a Barbie. That said, I still love giving gifts to my wife and kids. When you’re little, Christmas is all about what you’re going to get. You strategically open up every present under the tree, trying not to open the best gift first. But as you age, it becomes more about the joy of giving something special to your loved ones. It’s about using your creativity to find that one thing they might not have considered that will really make them excited. I love watching my family open presents and seeing their reactions. After Christmas Day, I get a little jealous of my wife and kids, who are off for winter break. Meanwhile, the lag week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of the busiest times at MicroTech, as business owners decide to switch out their servers, fix problems, and upgrade for the coming year while they’re out of the office. That’s not to say I’m complaining. We deeply appreciate the business, and we’re eager to do whatever we can to accommodate our clients. In general, I don’t think too much about what the Christmas season can give to me. Rather, I try to consider how I can make it great for the people around me. The couple days I get to spend with my family, thinking of little else, are the best presents I could possibly receive.

“... I don’t think too much about what the Christmas season can give to me. Rather, I try to consider how I can make it great for the people aroundme.”

I do have to admit that the gift-giving part of the holiday was a lot easier when the kids were little. If you’re a parent, you know at that age, all they want is toys, and they’re over the moon. Now, when I ask them,

–Randy Amorebieta

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