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“normal”? The unknown can be scary and unsettling; however, knowing that 8 out of 10 Americans will go through something similar provides one with a sense of security and a sense of relief. The very phrase “my back went out” or “I slipped a disc” leads to the mental interpretation that the spine is weak or unstable. In fact, the spine is extremely sturdy, stable and strong. Some of the world’s most durable structures have been designed with the spine in mind. Imagine the Roman Arches or the Flying Buttresses of Notre Dame Cathedral, both use the arch itself to create support and control pressure. The arches of your spine are designed to do the same, support and control the pressures throughout. The human spine is robust and designed to take a strong load. However, it is imperative to remember this does not mean that the spine is invincible! In the event of trauma, the knowledge that you will heal, you will recover, and you will once again be able to enjoy your favorite activities, is crucial. Our bodies are made to heal, and the Physical Therapists at First Choice Medical Group Physical Therapy are well-versed and eager to facilitate your spine’s healing process.

Dominick Paluso, PT, DPT The idea that a single movement, an activity, or moment, can lead to such excruciating pain that it could change our lives forever is a scary thought.

Everyone has heard someone say those dreaded words, that their “back went out,” they “slipped a disc,” or how a “family member has always had back pain.” Hearing these remarks may not typically be out of the normal, what should be out of the normal is having these thoughts in the first place! Research from Freburger et al (2009), cites that over 80% of Americans will experience an episode of acute low back pain. This begs the question, at what point is something considered

Living Life Without Back Pain How Physical Therapy Can Help Patient Success Spotlight INSIDE:


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