Failure, Not an Option

recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a real modern real estate “SHERO” Her story had me sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time she shared details of her journey. What she taught me during this conversation is that I along with each of us have no excuses because if she can endure, create, achieve and overcome what I am about to share with you in her own words is, “FAILURE IS JUST NOT AN OPTION!” She left high school in 10th grade and never looked back realizing school needed her but she didn’t need school. She knows now but didn’t know just then that what she felt was the burning ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’. She worked relentless hours in pursuit of making team leader. No longer than she became team leader she learned she was pregnant. By the age of 18 she was a single Mom with two babies. She enrolled herself into a by Tammy Phelps, Capital City REIA I

the US to be named ‘Certified Master Haircolourist’ She traveled, taught and educated on platform for National Hair & Colour Manufacturers. This is where she realized anyone could be as she says, “Un-Mess-Able-With” if we just believe that we can. She purchased her first home at 22 with no knowledge of the process - she “Just Did It!” She didn’t go into analysis paralysis or all the ‘what ifs’. She located the perfect home and simply went for it knowing she would learn the process along the way. Five years later she experienced a life shattering event forever altering her life. She woke up in Shock Trauma to learn she had been hit by a drunk driver and the trauma to her back, hip and leg was severe. She shared with me how over four years she endured 21 surgeries, extensive rehab to learn to walk and if that wasn’t enough she lost her home during this time. She told me that through it all

there were two things she didn’t lose: Her FAITH and Her Kids. With nowhere to go but up she enrolls to learn real estate and becomes a Realtor. A client invited her to join a top producing brokerage. As ‘Rookie of the Year’ she was nicknamed F.S.B.O. Queen. One such listing she met an investor who had acquired a SFH, was flipping it for a profit and right there the earth's axel shifted while the stars aligned. With no clue, no knowledge she sought out seminars, workshops, anything she could to learn about being a real estate investor. She had no idea where the next 20 years would take her. All she knew is that she was called to build “Community!” She was Commercial Investor of the Year in 2018. She founded the most sought after Baltimore, DC & MD REIA - Capital City REIA. She continues to touch, motivate & inspire. This invincible “SHERO” is me - This is my story! •

cosmetology technical college and ended up becoming 3rd in


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