2022 Everything Track and Field Catalog- Second Edition

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Eric and Mark Please know that our commitment to provide you with expert advice, fast shipping and competitive prices has not changed and that our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee is still there to give you complete peace of mind. WHY TRUST ANYONE ELSE WITH YOUR TRACK NEEDS! Thank you! MARK STRAWDERMAN General Manager marks@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x105 The past year plus has been a challenge for everyone, but once again, the sport we love has endured. As the original form of athletics, dating all the way back to 776 BC, Track & Field has persevered through more world events than any other sport! While M-F Athletic certainly doesn’t go back to Track’s beginning, being in business for over 60 years really does make a difference when the going gets tough, as does our having such loyal customers like you.

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