2022 Everything Track and Field Catalog- Second Edition


We carry the leading hurdle brands, Gill, UCS and our exclusive First Place. All are great Hurdles. W elcome to M-F Hurdle Central ...

Gill Hurdles Page 36 & 39

First Place ® Hurdles Page 36-37

UCS Hurdles Page 38

Let our expert staff help you select the hurdle that fits your program’s needs the best!

Hurdle Carts Page 40

Adjustable Banana Steps • Easily adjusts from 6” to 12”. •18” wide, folds down for storage. #3414-25 Adjustable Banana Steps $18 ea.

First Place ® Spring Back Hurdle Heavy-duty steel base keeps hurdle in place. Special springs allow hurdle to rotate in either direction 70 degrees then return to the upright starting position. Adjusts from 24”, 27”, 30”, 33”, 36”. #6666-01 First Place Spring Back Hurdle $75

Easily adjusts from 6” to 12”


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