May 2016

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Safety Awareness Month Share of Wallet Success Stories

On an important note, you may recall from last year that June is National Safety Awareness Month. Our company’s observance and efforts are intended to draw critical attention to workplace safety. Prevention is key to achieving a reduction in our injuries and we are focused on helping everyone to take steps to reduce risks. It’s crucial that we start to look at our daily operations differently and evaluate the potential dangers involved with each task before we begin the work. There is a proven five step process that serves as an effective risk control strategy and should be adopted company-wide. Our Share of Wallet initiative is picking up traction and gaining revenue for our company within our existing customer base. We continue to see several wins throughout our organization. Each month, we will be using this newsletter correspondence to highlight these successes for the benefit of our associates so that they can

IT Initiatives

Sales Strat

repeat some of the strategies and tactics used to close the sale. While you may already have a relationship with a customer, what can be provided to enhance their current operation to make it safer, more organized and efficient or offer a longer product life which reduces their overall expenses? You may not be aware of what is needed or even where to start. This is why utilizing expertise and specialists becomes extremely important whether that is through a supplier relationship or one of your internal colleagues. I encourage each of you to read the article in this issue to learn more about the sales processes that some of our associates have used in order to be successful in gaining business within these existing accounts. This edition also provides an update on how we are using technology to help us streamline efforts with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible service to our customers. Our IT team is focused on collaborating with those that are closest to our customer base and through this have found new ways to: Read the article to learn more about the specifics of these efforts. Lastly, utilizing entries from Sales Strat to show customers not only what we can do but how we’ve done it and the bottom line results of that implementation is just as important as putting entries into the system itself. I can’t think of anything more impactful than sharing a customer example that has influenced their bottom line or reduced downtime. These examples and ways to garner ideas are right at your fingertips. When visiting a customer, I encourage you to hand over a Sales Strat example or case study every time. This will not only enhance your relationship with that customer but may lead to other business opportunities or solve problems that they didn’t even realize they had. One of these examples is our April Sales Strat contest winner who examined a problem, reviewed the current solution that was in place and created a better custom design that could fix the issue which decreased the customer’s cost of operation. This is a stellar example of significant costs savings that also pleased the customer with an easy solution to a major pain point. It also potentially opened doors to more business within this customer. Congratulations to this winner and I hope the process that he used is something that can be viewed as a best practice and used to generate other instances where this concept can be deployed. • Communicate with all of our teammates • Support one another when handling requests, inquiries and orders • Free up time that was formerly spent on manual work that will become or is now automated

Don Evans President and CEO

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