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BUSINESS NEWS ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS USA WINS ARCONIC FOUNDATION INAUGURAL GRANT TO TRAIN FUTURE ENGINEERS Arconic Foundation’s $300,000 grant to EWB-USA will advance engineering education, knowledge sharing, and workforce development across the globe. Engineers Without Borders USA announced a multi-year grantmaking partnership with the newly formed Arconic Foundation. The $300,000 investment, Arconic Foundation’s inaugural grant, will support Engineers Without Borders organizations around the world working to strengthen and promote engineering education and equip the next generation of global innovators. By 2020, more than 1,000 students are targeted to complete the program. The partnership will include activities in select markets where Arconic has an operational footprint and an employee base: the United States, the U.K., Mexico, France, Germany, Canada, and Brazil. Arconic Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Arconic Inc. , which launched on November

1, 2016, as a global leader in multi-materials innovation, precision engineering, and advanced manufacturing. Arconic Foundation is an independently endowed foundation. “We regularly witness the profound impact highly skilled students and young professionals can have in some of the world’s most challenged areas,” said Cathy Leslie, EWB- USA’s executive director. “The Foundation’s investment in our mission is reflective of our shared values to build a better world.” “Partnering with Engineers Without Borders reflects the vision and values of Arconic and the mission of Arconic Foundation – to support a future of breakthrough innovation. And it all starts with engineering,” said Esra Ozer, president, Arconic Foundation. “On this, our first day as a new company, with a new focus, we could not be prouder to support an organization that so closely mirrors our priorities.” The program’s goal is to ensure that current and future engineers have the skills to

conceive of, coordinate, manage and lead global projects. EWB-USA will identify critical education experiences and develop a blueprint of the skills needed. EWB organizations will use the grant for fieldwork and online courses; students and young professionals will develop skills in leadership, project management, communication, systems thinking, and community engagement. Arconic Foundation’s focus is the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and math education and skills training worldwide. This focus, combined with the special emphasis on engaging and creating access for underrepresented and underserved groups, complements the work of EWB- USA and its peers. EWB-USA’s thousands of student and professional volunteers partner with communities across the globe to solve small-scale infrastructure problems through humanitarian engineering.

for either you or your client. Everyone gains from some time separated from the challenges faced at work. So lay down the phone, turn off the laptop and walk away. 6)Sometimes you just need a change. A friend who was an office leader at a very prestigious, global architectural firm recently changed jobs after more than a decade in this position. He had another decade of work in front of him, and while he enjoyed and was very good at his current job, he wanted the opportunity to rekindle the passion for his profession by facing the challenges offered by the new position. Consider all opportunities as starting fresh may end up being your best option. 7)Recognize that work is only one part of your life. Everybody is unique. For me, my work is intertwined in all that I do and I find it very fulfilling, but my happiest times are spent with my family. Figure out how to recharge your system. Identify what will enable you to be your best all- around person and make time to participate. Let’s face it. Burnout can happen. Every one of us has experienced times that are stressful and challenging, and fresh insights about how to overcome these situations can offer a clearer and more restive path forward. Rediscovering and prioritizing what inspires us the most are important keys to reinventing work and life. STEPHEN LUCY is CEO of JQ with offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Lubbock, Texas. Contact him at “Let’s face it. Burnout can happen. Every one of us has experienced times that are stressful and challenging, and fresh insights about how to overcome these situations can offer a clearer and more restive path forward.”

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are not the only one facing burnout. You need to be open to discussing how you feel with your peers and not just peers internal to your firm. After all, some of your stress may actually stem from your internal partners or peers. Step out of that internal group to assess your situation and solicit advice. Odds are these individuals are facing some of the same issues you are dealing with and who better to understand the pressures of our industry than others within the industry. 3)Don’t over promise or over commit. Be realistic about what you and your team can or cannot do. One of my peers recently gave me some excellent advice when he said, “Sometimes, you just have to leave the hay in the field because the barn is only so big.” Absent adequate resources, there can be substantial risk related to over committing your staff in terms of workload and the organizational processes required to support that workload. And risk generates stress. “Rediscovering and prioritizing what inspires us the most are important keys to reinventing work and life.” 4)Don’t be an “army of one.” We probably all recognize this as a prior slogan for the U.S. Army, but its use was discontinued in 2006 as it was contrary to their core belief in teamwork. Yet our industry, which touts that it is built on teamwork, still tends to reward and congratulate those who put in exorbitant hours working by themselves. Rely on your team and the strength of its combined skill set to jointly complete tasks. And most of all, do not forget to recognize all team members for their accomplishments as compliments are a great stress reliever. 5)Walk away from your electronic tether. My guess is that at least one time today you have informed a client that you are available to them at any time, 24/7. Really? Just because you can be connected does not make this the right decision

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